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  • I recently uploaded and installed a couple plugins for my blog: OneClick and EasyAjax-WP. The OneClick plugin seemed to work fine. After installing EasyAjax-WP, using OneClick, I noticed my Flashfader flash slideshow wouldn’t load, neither would my Audio Player flash player or my WP-PostRatings flash star ratings. Everything other than the text appeared to stop working. Even my Ubernyms wouldn’t show correctly.

    Additionally, my FAlbum link, which is a link to a PHP file, displays a 403 error. So does my UsersOnline plugin, which links to a PHP file, same as FAlbum, to generate a page. Both are now inaccessible.

    It seems like it was the Ajax plugin, but the OneClick plugin did talk about modifying chmod permissions, even though I didn’t touch those, and they are still at 755. The purgatory.php file of OneClick also throws up a 403, even though it did work the first time I loaded it.

    I’ve tried everything I can think of…deactivating and deleting both plugins, changing permissions, restoring a backup database, disabling WP-CACHE, deleting the cache file, restoring backup WordPress files. I don’t know what else to do other than to delete everything and try to restore backup from scratch. It seems like no matter what change I make, the page seems to load the same, without any Flash or Ajax.

    Any idea on what might be causing this? All these problems happened after OneClick and EasyAjax-WP.

    My blog address is

    Thanks so much for any help anyone can provide.

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