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  1. theblueeyz
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I think this is a pretty simple question, and I have searched the codex and the forums for it without success, so it might just be my site:

    Basically, I have some ajax features on my homepage. The URLs generated by WP do not contain the 'www' prefix on the URLs, so the AJAX features are using 'domain.com' rather than 'www.domain.com'.

    That much is fine. I don't care whether I have the 'www' prefix.

    The problem arises when visitors first arrive at my site, having either typed or clicked a link containing 'www'. Because that isn't strictly the same domain as 'domain.com', both Firefox and IE throw security errors: IE has an alert letting you override the exception, but Firefox ignores it completely and simply does nothing.

    Is there a way short of (what I know to be) complex htaccess rewrite rules to make it so that either a) WP generates links with 'www' in them or b) users visiting anything with 'www' automatically get moved to the plain 'domain.com'?

    On second though, a simple

    Redirect 301 www.*

    might work..

    Any thoughts?

  2. theblueeyz
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Well well, not 1 hour after I ask my question, a plugin solution appears!


    Excellent! Closing this post.

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