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  • passing


    Theme: Delicate

    First, after filling in the reason for report, there is no “comment submitted / error / whatever message.

    The report does arrive though.

    Second, styling the forms and button is extra-hard, please pretty please make it more CSS friendly (button has no class that could be leveraged easily, and input[blabla] styling fails in the less-than-advanced browsers.

    Third – it would be neat to have a “cancel report” button

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  • jamk


    The missing respond is due a bug in the code. The fix is described in this post:

    Basically, you add this line:

    Before this line:
    echo <<< EOT
    At line 132 or so, in the end of report.php

    Hope that helps you, since the developer of this plugin certainly isn’t 🙁

    I’m also hoping for a support to localization for this plugin, and done that myself to the code but I’m not gonna put this plugin into production unless the dev decides to upgrade this plugin…



    Thanks for the quick easy solution, just installed the plugin, tested it and applied your fix, done in 5 minutes and the plugin now works fine, cheers 😉



    Thanks, jamk !

    Everything works fine now!

    I like this plugin… Only one thing about it that could really be addressed… Person doesn’t have to be logged-in to report. Is it something I’m doing wrong?


    Nope, nothing you’re doing wrong. That’s a feature I wish this plugin had. 🙁



    Hi everybody,

    Does anyone of you know an alternative to this plugin? It doesn’t work at all on my theme (clicking on report comment has no effect whatsoever)…




    I’ve just installed it, and the links are NOT showing in my comments as promised. Is it using an old comment form or something?

    I would LOVE to see an alternative to this. It really would make a nice core feature IMO, but until then, there must be a plugin for it.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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