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    I have the 2 messages below, and do not want to make Give live without addressing them.

    Your site appears to be blocking the WordPress ajax interface. This may cause issues with Give.

    Give needs to upgrade the form database, click here to start the upgrade.

    My hoster, 123-Reg, has tried the options regarding htaccess permissions noted in detail in another post last year, but that did not clear the warning message. Also, the update forms link “here” does not appear to work as it stays there no matter how many times it is clicked.

    123-Reg support have said the following:
    “Our 2nd line team have confirmed that the admin-ajax.php file is enabled by default on your package.
    In regards to the differences between our old and new packages, certain restrictions are in place.
    Please confirm with your plugin provider that internal CURL requests or loopback connections are not used.”

    Can you let me know the answer to this question, and whether there is anything else we can try?

    Many thanks!!

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    Hi there,

    Regarding the admin-ajax.php notification, clarify with your host that admin-ajax.php is accessible on the front-end of your site, not just the backend. That is sometimes what hosts block access to which Give relies on (and many other popular plugins).

    Regarding the Upgrade notice, please try going to this url on your site:


    That will force the update manually.

    cURL is used in Give, because it is necessary to communicate effectively with PayPal. modern web hosts support cURL very well and securely without problem.

    Let me know if you have additional questions.

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    Matt, many thanks for the prompt reply. I have a feeling that unlike 1&1 my other supplier 123-Reg won’t be able to support me with the Give plugin.

    I will respond to this question when there is any further info, or just to let you know that one major supplier in the UK can’t support it.

    Thanks again

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    From 123-Reg Support:

    In the message your plugin support have provided you it says they require cURL loopbacks.
    Unfortunately this is not supported on our hosting platform

    This will be what is causing your plugin to fail.

    So it looks like the problem is with cURL, and 123-Reg do not allow it to be used, so for this year at least I will have to look elsewhere which is a pity.
    Thanks for your help anyway

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