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  • sebascron


    Good day to all the good people of the Worpress community i’m not sure under which forum to post this.

    I’m really hoping that someone could assist me or give me some guidance how to resolve 2 problems i’m currently facing, The web developer ive paid doesnt quite seem to know how to resolve this.

    i’m going to try and give a much info as possible.

    i’m currently building an ecomm/ auction site, basically i buy and sell toys, antique, vintage and modern toys so therefore its got the ecomm/ auction site, ecomm going just for items that can be bought directly with out bidding on it, and then the auction side for the more collectible sort of things..

    so basically i’m running OceanWP Theme, and the main plugins is the woocommerce + woocommerce simple auction

    Now my big problem is, the plugins was bought through the developers account, i paid him, and he bought the plugins, and he his not providing me with the purchase ticket so that i can use the support, and WPGenie does not want to provide me with support because i dont have to log the support through the envato site under the plugin support, but for that i need the purchase ticket

    so i was thinking of getting a refund on the plugins, but then i remembered i’m not currently talking to the developer and also, then i need to change a whole lot of things, and the site is pretty much close to being finished apart from the few hiccups i’m currently having so i dont know yet if there is more hicups, as i’m still stuck here…

    so needless to say, i am a bit frustrated at the moment, but i wil try my best not to let my frustration come out i’n my thread as per the guidelines and rules of the support.. but then again, those frustrations are just for something else, it just the fact that i’ve paid a lot of money to end up sitting with a brick of a site, I would never launch a site this way..

    so my first and biggest headache comes from the woocommerce simple auction, i was hoping that won items could be added to the winners cart automatically as i have seen sites that works like that, i am actually actively bidding on another site thats also wordpress based that does automatically add my won items to the cart..

    so i’m not completely sure why my web developer guy is telling me this cant be done, its impossible, if i see it working on another site..

    see the reason i wouldve like that, is because our items goes for relatively good prices, and on my currently platform that works 100% manually from my side i have clients that sometimes wins between 20 and 40 on a single auction night..

    so with the way the checkout is now, i know it will frustrate clients, because they have to add each item to the cart for checkout, which will take a lot of time if they have 20 to 40 items to add.. the problem is that once you click the pay now to add the won item to cart, it redirects you to the cart page, so then you will have to repeat this process to and from auction activity and cart 20 to 40 times…..

    the idea for the website was to reduce the amount of admin work i have in manually allocating each item, not to increase the clients work to get the item checked out after they won it

    as we know the success in conversion rate lies in your checkout, and with a messy checkout like that, i will probably be lucky if i end up with a 5 or 10 percent conversion rate…

    So i told the developer, if he cant do the auto add the won items to cart, can we then have the pay now button respond in ajax, like the plugin i installed for woocommerce called “Ajax add to cart for WooCommerce”

    this does exactly what it says, i can go to my direct sale items, and click all the items i want to add to the cart without being redirected anywhere

    so apparently this too is an issue that is too complicated to get it to work with the woocommerce simple auction plugin..

    i just cannot understand that this what i have see is possible, I am being told is impossible?..

    so thats basically a wrap for my first issue..

    my second issue is at checkout..

    i have activated the checkbox that client has read terms and conditions before they can proceed to checkout..

    but for some reason this checkbox is only showing lines, its not showing the actual check box.

    I’m not quite sure yet how to add a screenshot here on this forum, but ill provide a screenshot of the distorted checkbox as soon as I figure out how…

    thats basically the headache i am currently sitting with, i cannot find the next things not working while im stuck here..

    I really and truly hope there is someone that ca assist me or guide me in this matter as my frustration with te brick site is mostly comming from the fact that, i’m already almost half way in costs of what i was quoted to have this site build on a laravel platform with all the functions i need built in, and i initially didnt want to spend that amount of money before knowing if this idea of my website will work, and if my current client base will be happy with how it works and so on

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • richard876


    I had this exact issue when binding a checkbox widget to a session … the variable automatically updated when the checkbox was toggled. … also consistently solve the issue by adding an empty On Change, … That’s the reason it works when you set the checkbox OnChange, since screenactions are Ajax.
    If you use AJAX on your website, beware that events like click, submit, … I will be using click event to describe the problem, but all of this applies to

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