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    Hello Ross,

    I have made a calender at this link:

    ( )

    And pagination does not work via Internet Explorer (9.0.8), when clicking next month, it keeps hanging on “Loading” (Tænker…) but in Mozilla Firefox this works perfectly as intended.

    Do you have any idea where the bug in your plugin or the site could be, that I could fix?

    I have also tried your plugin fix in another post, but still no luck. (I have not updated to 3.5 yet because I am worried I get even more unlucky with the plugin).

    Thanks in advance.


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  • Plugin Contributor Ross Hanney


    What do you have the “Retrieve events from” and “Retrieve events until” options set to?

    they’re both on 0

    Plugin Contributor Ross Hanney


    How about the drop-down boxes for those settings (“The beginning of time”, “00:00 today” etc)?

    Here you go, here are all the settings including the widget settings:

    Plugin Contributor Ross Hanney


    Those settings all look fine.

    Does you calendar actually contain events in April and beyond? The navigation arrows won’t show up if there are no events to display in the next / previous month.

    Hmmmm….thought I posted this – but I’ll try again. I did what was suggested with the fix, named it as it stated (cut/paste so I didn’t make mistakes), but it does NOT show up on my list of plugins! Therefore, I cannot ‘activate’ it. Any other ideas? Somehow, it broke – ie. when one went to widgets, you couldn’t move them around and place them where you wanted…but when I reinstalled wordpress, it worked, except for the ajax (yes, I checked the box that said something about putting java code at bottom). Also, even though my counter is NOT on a widget on the right hand side, the counter only (not the accompanying info like whose online, etc.) shows up in the right hand side and I can’t figure out how to get rid of it. Ideas? I really need to get the calendar working so folks can determine ahead of time when and where square dancing will be. Any ideas would be helpful (would restoring the sql database solve the problem, or would it “restore” the problem.

    Oh, I forgot to mention that yes, there are dates well in advance (through fall 2013), so that’s not the problem (you stated that if there were no more events beyond a given month that could cause ajax to not work)

    Oh…my test site is – go to home page (the small calendar upper right) and events the big calendar in middle and small on right. You’ll see (i’ve tried it in safari and chrome) no arrows on either side of the month. It’s probably going to be something simple like a typo or something, but… The site I maintain is I had to hide the events page, since the calendar was broken until I can reinstall wordpress.

    Plugin Contributor Ross Hanney


    Hi Gina,

    I think you originally posted on a different thread (with a similar title).

    The plugin “fixes” I have posted above and on the other thread are very specific to particular sites, so are unlikely to be of use to you anyway (I should have made that more clear, sorry about that!).

    What do you have the “Retrieve events from”, “Retrieve events until” and “Maximum number of events to retrieve” options set to?

    Also, what do you have the max parameter of the [google-calendar-events] shortcode set to, and the “Maximum number of events to display” widget option set to?

    Ross, you were right on – I’d put a small # for the # of events, but since I have events listed through the fall, I put 300. That did it! Thanks much!


    PS Probably woulda figured that out but with all the stuff that’s been happening lately….

    Again, thanks! (can you either move this to the proper thread, or move my last post re this to here, please?) Thanks!


    Plugin Contributor Ross Hanney



    I’m glad that did the trick!

    I can’t move threads or posts, I’m afraid.

    Hi There,
    I’m using the short code on a page [google-calendar-events]
    but I don’t see any where to put the number of events in the settings.
    How would I add the number for over 300 events? My next and previous months do not show.



    Plugin Contributor Ross Hanney



    Do you have the type parameter of the [google-calendar-events] shortcode set to ajax, as below?

    [google-calendar-events type="ajax"]
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