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  • I get the same issue.

    A red “Undefined” box appears at the top of the widget and the widget looks like the login failed.

    Under “Login Redirect Url”, is that field blank? If it is, try putting in your homepage, if not.. then I’m not sure what your problem is.

    same here. all fields filled out. after upate no login and mesage “undefined”.

    I have same issue For Chrome, IE10 and Safari, but Firefox works fine

    I tried entering home page in “Login Redirect Url” but no change

    I’ve reverted back to version 2.4 from a backup until this gets resolved


    We have the same problem. Strange is that we use a multisite install and one subsite it works, other it does not.

    Subsite A (no login redirect page in option field) – works
    Subsite B (with or without login option field configured) – undefined

    Looking foreward to a fix,
    Kinds regards,

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Are you guys using anything like force SSL login?

    What about the browser error console? Anything about cross-domain requests?

    Hi mike,

    No we are not using SSL, dont know how you want to test it. But you can find the problem site here and view the error yourself:

    Filling in any random data will result in the error.
    Kinds regards,

    No SSL
    Console actually returns a successful response, and refreshing the page results in the user being logged in appropriately. The AJAX part itself just doesn’t work at all.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Could you check turning off other plugins, in case something is hijacking the ajax login event.

    Hi Mike,

    Problem is that this is a multisite installation.
    A other site ( works fine and is the same installation.

    Here after the error and a page request, the user is NOT loged in (in comparison with Quentin)

    Kinds regards,

    Any update on a fix for this problem yet?

    Freom our side, the problem is non-continues (not always there) we turned of wp-supercache to test if there is a caching problem. Problem still there

    @mike, any update about this bug? Its quit useless now.

    Facts so far: problem is not always there (sometimes it is, sometime it is not). WP-supercache has no impact on the error. In a multisite installation one site has the error, while the other works like a charm.

    Please a update about the the situation.
    Kinds regards,

    Hi, we have a update, we can confirm that the problem in our situation is caused by wp-supercache plugin.

    Quit a much used caching module for wordpress.
    Any sign from the plugin developer by now?


    I don’t use Super-cache and get the same error

    When I roll back to Sidebar login 2.4, Everything works perfectly, So in my case the problem is with the update version 2.5

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)
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