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    I’m having a problem with infinite scroll and Soliloquy. I saw the post who says to use soliloquyInitManually() to manually load the slider. But, when I trigger a ajaxStop event with jquery to call the function, an error on console says that soliloquyInitManually() is not defined.

    When I look at sources files loaded the Soliloquy files are not loaded. This occurs only on ajax infinite scroll (note that this is a function of my theme not the plugin). (link with a working slider) (link with no slider, but when scroll to bottom, next post will be loaded, and when the next post has Soliloquy the slider is not loaded.

    I’m hosting my website on Amazon AWS. I use W3 Total Cache with CloudFront as CDN for all my files, including plugins, themes and everything else. I use CloudFlare too, with rocket loader, minify and cache system.

    How can I fix that? I really need help. I’ve tried a lot of things.

    Cheers Mateus

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  • Hi @mateussaggin 🙂

    I asked the developer about your ticket and he suggested to make sure you are loading all of the soliloquy scripts & styles to trigger everything appropriately.

    Hi @akyusa01,

    I notice that, if there is no Soliloquy Slider on page load the scripts & styles are not loaded. What I want to now is if there is a function to call it to load the Soliloquy files on a ajax call. My website is configured to load only the scripts that is used. But I didn’t find a call to force files to be loaded. Do you now a way to do that? Or what files I need to work properly?

    I’m thinking that I will have to load it with javascript when the ajax load next post is triggered.

    Thanks for you answer and sorry about my poor English,

    Best regards,

    Someone could help me? Please!!

    Hi @mateussaggin 🙂

    I apologize, some how I missed the notification of your last response.

    Unfortunately none of our scripts will load on the page unless their is a slider on that page, that is default.

    You would need to use your own hooks to load the styles and scripts.

    Hi @akyusa01,

    No problems. So when a load a news post with ajax and that post has a slider, what hook could I use to load scripts and styles of Soliloquy? I will be grateful if you could help me, please!

    Best regards.

    Hi @mateussaggin,

    To load the assets you’ll need to enqueue them in your theme like you would any other js or css files. Typically this is done in your theme’s header.php file but may vary depending on the specific theme.

    You can then fire the JS to run when your ajax pagination completes using soliloquyInitManually();


    Hi @ericakfranz,

    Thanks for your quick response. I will try this.

    Best regards.

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