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  • Hi
    I am having a problem when I click update or publish in my admin panel of WordPress.
    What happens is the page does not actually save and the update button keeps flashing and never comes back again, so you cant click it.
    Looking in the console of Chrome I see the following 403 error

    post.php?post=904&action=edit:1 Uncaught (in promise) Response {type: “basic”, url: “…eta-box-loader=1&_wpnonce=63ca643243&_locale=user”, redirected: false, status: 403, ok: false, …}

    I have tried everything already, updated all the file permissions to 644 and folder permissions to 755. I have also updated my .htaccess by clicking save in permalink section of admin panel.

    Can anyone help with this please as it makes updating content on the site unusable.

    Running WordPress 5.1.1

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  • Hi, are you using your website as an admin or do you have a restricted rights user? 403 in that response looks like the current user has some missing capabilities. Here is a documentation page on how WordPress manages user capabilities.

    Hi @andraganescu
    I am the admin of the site and this happens with me as well as users I have given access to create and edit content. It causes situations where the page keeps trying to auto save or when I publish/update the button stays greyed out and never returns.
    I am at a total loss as to why this is happening
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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