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  • same error here too… Worked fine and now I’m getting the same thing

    Mine started working again without me doing anything, try it again.

    And now stopped working again on it’s own.

    OK I fixed the error on my end.
    I’m NOT A PROGRAMMER so this may not be the solution for everybody but did the trick for me.

    So go to your Admin dashboard -> Plugins -> Edit -> and Select “WordPress Flickr Embed”

    Edit the file “class.constants.php”
    Edit the constant “const FLICKR_API_URI” so it says https instead of http, the line should look like this:
    const FLICKR_API_URI = ‘’;

    Now if you are on chrome do ctrl+shift+del and clear ALL browser data.
    no reload your site, relogin and the plugin should not show the “AJAX error: error (Forbidden)” error anymore.

    I hope i helped somebody. =D

    This started for me today too. 🙁

    Unfortunately that didn’t work for me nicoblog.

    Same here. I tried the fix above, but it didn’t work. Anyone know of any thing similar to this plug in that might work until it’s working again?

    Same problem happened here yesterday and have tried nicoblog’s instructions to no avail, please help asap. URGENT!

    This is the message that pops up, instead of my Flickr photos:

    AJAX error: error (Forbidden)

    ^^ PS – futuregrace; I’m manually embedding my photos on my post atm. It works just fine. Simply log into your Flickr account, go the photo page you want to use, click on the ‘Share this photo’ button (right-pointing arrow) at the bottom right of the photo, and select ‘HTML’, select the image size you want, select the ‘HTML’ button, and then select and copy the code and paste it into your blog post – ‘Text’ editor.

    Change your post editor to ‘Visual’ editor and you should be able to click on your image and edit it like normal.

    Hope it works for you. Have a great day! 🙂

    That’s a great fix for the time being… but I’m not sure how fun that would be for regular 20+ picture posts! 😉

    @meowza, I know – tell me about it, but I’m embedding about 20 photos per post about once a week now, and most photos have long captions, so the embedding process takes a lot of time for me either way. This plugin was awesome but this error made me realise the problem of depending on any plugin… 🙂

    Try this please guys, just like before, edit a different file:

    change this 2 lines so it says https instead of http like so:
    const API_ENDPOINT = ‘’;
    const SECURE_API_ENDPOINT = ‘’;

    try removing and reauthorizing the plugin after making the change and don’t forget to clear all browser data else it will not work.

    hope this time it works.

    i meant removing the authorization not the plugin else the changes will be lost!

    Is there a working solution for this issue?

    @nicoblog – hooray! I followed your latest instructions, and then cleared my browser history and also clicked on ‘Delete Cache’ on the site, and then went to one of my post and clicked on the Flickr icon and the photos are now appearing. I believe the problem is now fixed for me. Thanks very much for your help! 😀

    Gumnut, i’m glad it worked for you, i’m sure if others give it a go it will work for them too. The key is to clear browser cached files.

    BTW it seems to load the pictures a lot faster with https at least that’s what i noted. Don’t you think?


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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