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  • Hello.

    We use woodmart theme and on shop pages we have for pagination the load more products.

    It loads the products via ajax.

    The thing is, In some cases that we can’t isolate, if you press load more products it throws an error from themes js file.

    If you login via admin and you have disabled the cache for logged in users in the same page the load more button works.

    So it is clearly a thing of your plugin.

    The another thing is that if you clear the cache again the load more button for non logged in users works again BUT in some cases and don’t know why the error occurs again in undetermine period of time.

    I have disabled compine js to check if the error occurs again to try to isolate the problem.

    It is very strange.

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  • Ok tested again with combine disabled same error occured.

    The js file that shows the error part of the code is

    				url: ajaxurl,
    				data: data,
    				dataType: dataType,
    				method: method,
    				success: function (data) {
    					cache[paged] = data;
    				error: function (data) {
    					console.log('ajax error');
    				complete: function () {
    					if (btnType == 'arrows') holder.removeClass('loading').parent().removeClass('element-loading');
    					process = false;;

    Is there any thing that conflicts with your plugin?

    The link of the file. The error show up on line 4952

    I roll back one version to and the problem stopped, all options enabled including the js combine. Everything works.

    Don’t know why but something definitely breaks with the latest update and our theme.

    Plugin Author Emre Vona


    Can you contact me via email please:

    I think i found the problem but i am not sure though.

    Your latest version add something about json.

    We use a plugin wp-hide pro and has some rewrite rules about JSON

    Disable JSON REST V1 service
    Disable JSON REST V2 service
    Disable output the REST API link tag into page header
    Disable JSON REST WP RSD endpoint from XML-RPC responses
    Disable Sends a Link header for the REST API

    We had that enabled.

    When we disabled them, after that the error has still to be occured.

    We are still testing to see what happens cause we can’t isolate the problem. It would occur at random times.

    Thank you.

    Sorry No the error still occured with the latest version. Rolled back again.

    I can’t replicate it and the logs are insufficient, it happens at random times and can’t pint point what triggers it.

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    Just a specullation.

    Maybe the updated js-utilities.php has an incompatibility that does not match thre previous version?

    Plugin Author Emre Vona


    I did not change anything about js-utilities.php
    Can you create a test site with the same installation please? vs has some code different if you compare it.

    Anyway the problem is that as i said i can’t pin point what is causing it nor can replicate it on demand. I just wait and see when it occurs.

    I updated again the latest version of your plug-in and wait to see what happens.

    Plugin Author Emre Vona



Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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