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  • gmoney94


    Sorry for the long post in advance.

    Ok, I’ve dug and dug for weeks yet still can’t seem to find a solution to my issue. I have done my homework and chased a number of ghosts, but to no avail, so ‘m here with my hat in my hand looking for help.

    I’m having an issue with comments pagination not working for users of Firefox (works great with IE).

    I’m pretty sure it’s a permalinks or htaccess issue but I can’t run it to ground, and it’s a real pain for some of my members.

    I’m using an Ajax pagination plugin (YAAPC) to page comments and have pretty permalinks engaged (yes, I’ve un/reinstalled plugin, updated permalinks structure, attempted various htaccess tweeks, etc…).

    The issue: So, here’s a typical post:

    You’ll note the paging of comments at the bottom. Again, with IE everything works great. But when Firefox is used, is dumps to a blank screen with a link in the upper left had corner that reads:


    Here’s the rub: if you visit the site with Firefox, the pagination will work at first. But once you login, attempt to post a comment, or if I update a post/change something via the dashboard, etc… the issue arises. And then it won’t clear for that session (seems to if I logoff and revisit site after awhile).

    Firefox users are forced to hover on the paged link and do the Open Link in New Window routine to get to the page of comments they’re looking for (a real pain in the ass).

    Doing this shows something interesting which keeps believing that it’s permalinks/htaccess issue and how Firefox handles “virtual” URLs (?).

    Hovering over the paged link (for example, when looking at page 1 of the comments then hovering over page 2) shows this in the link to in the bottom left of the browser: (note not “Pretty”)

    Again, clicking this link in Firefox (once logged in or having done some other function) creates the error listed above. However, doing the Open Link in New Window routine (which will open to the requested page of comments) results in this URL:

    Any ideas?

    Hoping there’s an easy answer out there, but I have put a lot of time in digging forums, reading topics, etc… for answers and the well is running dry.

    Help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • gmoney94


    Damn, should have included this.

    To test (i.e. see how issue triggers after you login (while using Firefox):

    Username: Temp
    password: temp

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