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  • Resolved Adam


    My calendar displays, and the event tooltip pop-ups work. However, the calendar won’t show the “Previous” or “Next” buttons when the Ajax calendar is used. I inspected the page, thinking there was a CSS issue, and ruled that out, as when I click on the “invisible” button (which does show the “hand” cursor on mouse hover), nothing happens. Here’s the shortcode I used to display the calendar:

    [google-calendar-events id="2" type="ajax" title=""]

    Trying your suggestions to other plugin users in this thread, I was unable to get the prev/next buttons to show.

    I did the following:

    • Made sure events exist in the next month (in this case, April; these events are re-occurring events)
    • Set “Retrieve events from / until” to “The end of time” in the plugin’s settings
    • Cleared the feed cache in the plugin’s settings
    • Installed and activated the “Fix GCE Ajax error” plugin

    I’m at a loss as to what the issue could be. My inspector showed zero JS errors.

    I’m using the Google Apps Calendar.

    Here’s the link to my calendar.

    Thank you in advance!

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  • Plugin Contributor Ross Hanney


    Hi Adam,

    What do you have the “Maximum number of event to retrieve” option set to?

    It’s set to “25” in the plugin’s settings. I did set that option to “0”, but after saving, the number “25” came back.

    Plugin Contributor Ross Hanney


    If you set it to a higher number, say 100, does it make any difference?

    I set it to 100, and “Refreshed” the feed. It didn’t make a difference. 🙁

    Plugin Contributor Ross Hanney


    Could you double check the “Retrieve events from” and “Retrieve events until” options? You mention you have them both set to “The end of time”, but it isn’t possible to set “Retrieve events from” to “The end of time”.

    Are you sure that the max parameter of the [google-calendar-events] shortcode is not set (and that the type parameter is set to ajax, not grid)?

    I notice that the ID of the feed displayed in the calendar is 2. Do you have multiple feeds added? If so, are you sure you’re adjusting the settings of the correct feed?

    Could you also let me know the feed URL you’re using, so I can do some testing?

    Here are my settings:

    “Retrieve events from” = “The beginning of time”

    “Retrieve events until” = “The end of time”

    Here’s the shortcode I’m using. I copied it directly from the editor:

    [google-calendar-events id="2" type="ajax" title=""]

    I am using 2 feeds. They are the exact same feed. ID 1 is a “list” view and ID 2 is the graphical “calendar” view. Different formatting is used for each event display type.

    Calendar URL:

    If needed, I can set you up as a temporary admin. Thanks for looking into this, Ross!

    Plugin Contributor Ross Hanney



    Is this the feed URL you’re using? :

    If so, it doesn’t contain any events beyond 31st March (as seen here).

    If you do see events beyond 31st March at the above link, it may be because you are logged in to the Google account that owns the calendar. Are the events in April private, or perhaps added to a different calendar?

    You’re exactly right! The reoccurring events weren’t set to reoccur! That was the issue. Seems like half the time these types of issues are simpler than we think.

    You solved it. Thanks again, Ross! 🙂

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