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  • I am looking for a banner rotator similar to the the one found at I don’t want to use Flash because I want to be search engine friendly. I don’t necessarily need the thumbnails and nav arrow (even though that would be nice). What I really want out of it is cross fading banners without reloading, and the banners need to be clickable so that you can link to other pages.

    I really like how SmoothGallery by JohnDesign’s works, but I can’t seem to get it to work in WordPress.

    One other thing, this will be deployed on a page, not a sidebar.

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  • Ummm, you realize that JS makes it non-SEO-friendly? That is, if the banner is loaded (and rotated) in JS, no bots will ‘see’ it…


    I have looked SmoothGallery and Google seems to pickup the text info. from the entries for the banners just fine because it is embedded right into the page (,GGLG:2006-06,GGLG:en&sa=G&strip=1). I really would like to find a plugin for SmoothGallery, but I haven’t found one yet. So, I am trying to find a non-Flash alternative that will be read by SE’s.

    I wrote a nice long response, looks like it got eaten. 🙁

    Hadn’t seen that style of system — yes, decent for SEO use.

    Should just drop into your theme. Either via header, or if just on one Page you can make a custom Page Template and do everything custom.

    Setup is similar to my CG-FlashyTitles plugin… but I ‘work’ on every page/post of a site, and I’m not sure you’d want that in this case.


    I just want this on the frontpage. I have created a template for the frontpage. I have entered the <head> info for the script in the header, but when I enter the code in the page, it doesn’t show up, then I will go back later and it just shows a list of all the images and text. Is there a better way to add code to a page rather than using the “code” tab when creating a page. I am still learning the in’ and out’s of WP, and this always seems to be an unreliable method.

    If you are doing a REALLY custom frontpage, then you can do everything in an actual code editor and upload the changed file as you work.

    That eliminates many of the issues of editing in the code-panel of the Page editor.

    Yes, if you are entering anything custom, you need to always do it from the code panel, as the html panel will eat stuff up like crazy.

    As a starting point, you should be able to see the unmodified block if you don’t have CSS hiding it to begin with. Then, you can add the JS and see if it ‘transforms’ it properly. The last step is to add back any ‘hiding’ CSS (I don’t know if it does that — but that’s how sIFR works).

    Just some quick thoughts,


    Hi keydin,

    Did you find something that fits your needs? I’m looking for something similar.
    Did you get anywhere with SmoothGallery??


    You can check out the Upsilon theme at for one example of how SmoothGallery can be integrated into a WordPress theme. It works fine for me.

    I’m just about to try it on a different site, integrating it myself. That’s why I’m browsing the forums… 🙂

    I just popped a small slideshow into the sidebar at using smoothgallery 2.0 and the samsarin php widget. I just cut ‘n’ pasted from the upsilon theme at, with a few adjustments. Works fine.

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