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  • I’ve implemented WooCommerce on a food take-away site, where all the items are on a single page.

    Adding to cart is slow – about 4 seconds. The server is fast. We’ve tested on various sites and servers, and WooCommerce’s add-to-cart (via AJAX) is always slow. Normally it doesn’t matter, because somebody is not wanting to add lots of products in quick succession. But on a take-away, they are.

    I’ve written many WooCommerce plugins, and don’t mind diving into the code. But I’d be grateful if one of the plugin authors could give me a clue about where to look. Any ideas where the bottle-necks are? Any low-hanging fruit?


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  • For what it’s worth, we’re having a similar issue.

    I don’t see any follow up to your initial post.

    Have you had any success in finding a solution or getting feedback outside this channel?

    Unfortunately not. We invested in a faster server and other optimisations.

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