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  • Resolved Ximbalo


    I like your plugin, and thank you.
    However, I have encountered a serious problem in that your plugin’s CSS includes global styles that affect the body tag ( and all inherited styles ), global font settings, link settings, CSS box-model settings — in short: included in the ai-responsive-gallery.css file are styles that effectively change a person’s entire website.

    Your is the only plugin I have been able to find that effectively achieves the gallery look and action that my client has requested — so that’s great. But I’ve spent 2 – 3 day so far trying to “escape” all the changes it made to every other facet of my site as well! Can you please provide an update that has plugin-only focused styles?
    Your plugin’s stylesheet is taking over the site!

    Thank you,

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  • Plugin Author August Infotech


    Hello Ximbalo,

    Thank you for using our plugin and appreciating us.

    please provide us your site link on which you facing style related issue.Also please provide the brief description where you faced the problem.So,we will checking that issue properly and give you proper solution.

    Thanks & Regards,
    August Infotech

    Yes, no problem — however it is very easy to isolate where in your plugin’s stylesheet the problem occurs. You have added to your stylesheet styles that effectively override, modify or completely change the way an entire WordPress site will appear, including the following lines ( in your ai-responsive-gallery.css file )

    1. Asterisk Based Global Styles:

    *,  *:after,  *:before {
    	-webkit-box-sizing: border-box;
    	-moz-box-sizing: border-box;
    	box-sizing: border-box;
    	padding: 0;
    	margin: 0;

    The above lines effectively change the box-model rending of every element throughout the website. If a website has been styled based on standard box-model assumptions of Width + Padding + Margin + Border — then the lines above will re-factor everything everywhere to NOT use the standard cumulative box-model mathematics.

    2. Body Tag Style:
    Your inclusion of a body-tag style in your CSS overrides the default styling of the entire website — again everything changes site-wide.

    3. Global Scope a { … } and .container { … } classes:
    Your inclusion of global scope a { } style means that every link everywhere on the website will now inherit your base a-tag style. Your inclusion of the .container {} styles means that if a a website already has a .container class ( one of the most used content area wrapper classes in the world ) — yours will likely override it even to the point of making every page on the website completely fall apart.

    SO — there you are.
    Unfortunately — I cannot include a link for you to see the site where we tried to use it — as we had to finish the site and make it ready for delivery to the client. There was absolutely no way to do this with your stylesheet overriding our styles globally everywhere.

    However, in order to see which styles I am referring to that your plugin brings to bear upon a site, please just look at this file that i have saved here for the purposes of this message:

    As soon as your ai-responsive-gallery.css file is included it overrides the most fundamental, global CSS styles used by a website. Please, consider removing the a, body, .container, and ESPECIALLY the global asterisk-based styles from your stylesheet.

    Otherwise your styles are the equivalent to “a website style takeover”.

    Thank you and best regards…


    Post Note: I think that perhaps you had these styles for a “Demo Page” and they might have accidentally gotten included in your actual plugin release stylesheet as well, perhaps? B/C I can’t imagine that you would intentionally add global scope body, a, *, and box-model style changes in your plugin, right?

    Plugin Author August Infotech


    Hello Ximbalo,

    We would be resolved this css issue in next version of this plugin till then stay with us for updated version and we guaranteed that our new updated version did not conflict with your theme css.

    Thanks & Regards,
    August Infotech

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