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  1. sponauglebl
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    So I'm using this categories widget plugin and it's awesome. However, I'm running into one issue.

    When the categories are clicked on in my sidebar it takes me to the a permalink like mydomain.com/category/categoryname/categorychildname. I have a cookbook section and I'd like it to be more like mydomain.com/desserts.

    I do not know how (or know if you can) edit the sidebar for a category page either, and I have custom sidebars I'd like to use for each. So, for the sake of tidy URL's and sidebar customization I'd like to re-direct the category link in my sidebar to go to mydomain.com/desserts, instead of the /category/desserts. Can this be done?

    Does this make sense or is it as confusing to you as it seems to me?!

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    The website is still under construction and has a redirect up so it's no use giving it here. If you absolutely need it to make sense of this please let me know.

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