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  • The only response this theme author has given my previous complaint is a complicated essay indicating that anyone who posts only one blog at a time is somehow out of line with everyone else. This is nonsense.

    On accessing the web site the viewer DOES NOT SEE THE ORANGE BOX IN THE UPPER RIGHT CORNER as it appears in the illustration above on this page.

    I have had to ask on my blog site for the viewer to click on the lower right “No comments” box to make the theme design correct.

    Because this theme author has not in my opinion acted responsibly, I have given the theme a one star rating.


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  • esmi


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    Is there a question in there?

    The question was asked 3 weeks ago and never satisfactorily answered.




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    take this code from entry.php:

    <div id='postaction' class='actbubble'>
                    <?php edit_post_link('Edit Entry', '<li>', '</li>'); ?>
                        if (('open' == $post-> comment_status) && ('open' == $post->ping_status))
                            print "
                                <li> <a href='#respond'>Add Comment</a> </li>
                                <li> <a href='" . trackback_url(false) . "' rel='trackback'>Trackback</a> </li>
                        elseif (!('open' == $post-> comment_status) && ('open' == $post->ping_status))
                            print "<li> <a href='" . trackback_url(false) . "' rel='trackback'>Trackback</a> </li>";
                        <img border='0' align='middle' alt='Comments Feed'
                            src='<?php print bloginfo('template_directory') . "/images/rss-icon.gif"; ?>' />
                        <?php comments_rss_link('Comments Feed'); ?>
            </div> <!-- end postaction -->

    and copy it into index.php directly after this code:

    <div class='capsule dateauthor'>
                        <?php the_time('M jS, Y') ?> by <?php the_author() ?>

    then you should have your orange block immedeately on the front page – no guanrantee, though, that it does not change other things somewhere else 😉

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    +1 alchymyth (but I bet you the OP still wants a response from the author…)



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    can’t make everybody happy 😉

    I am the much reviled theme author and here is the previous thread that StarCapt is referring to:

    alchymyth’s response is fairly on target, provided you do want edit/comment/etc boxes in your index page. If what (s)he suggests does not work well, please contact me.

    Regarding this thread:

    I did not in any way respond to StarCapt that “anyone who posts only one blog at a time is somehow out of line with everyone else”. Not sure where he gets that impression from, but the point I was making in my comment (in the thread linked to above) is this: typically, in WP blogs/themes, the index/home page lists a series of recent posts and provides additional actions, comments, etc in the individual post page that can be visited by clicking on any of the index page posts. That is the design of Ahimsa as well.

    There is nothing “out of line” in your wanting a different layout. Alchymyth’s response gives the code to do that. I don’t monitor the WP forums frequently, or I would have posted something similar. If you have questions I would prefer an email if you want a quicker response. I have also added the RSS feed for forum search “Ahimsa” to my feed reader so I see such questions/responses earlier.

    alchymyth —

    I finally got up the nerve to try your code suggestion today — I’ve never edited code in a theme before.

    It works fine. Everthing else seems to be normal.

    Thank you,




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    thanks to @ravisarma – who programmed a well structured theme which made it easy to suggest adaptations.
    and @StartCapt – well done – you have done something new in this fine new year by taking things into your own hands 😉

    I use Ahimsa and Ravi was fantastic in helping me out with a few early questions. Thumbs up to one of the good guys. 🙂

    @noisedude, @alchymyth, thank you for the kind comments.

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