• Bertha.ai is the type of plugin where you check back every couple months and they’ve added another cool thing for the WordPress community to try out. I love how they make each new feature available to everybody.

    One of the most surprising things to me about Bertha.ai was when they introduced the AI image generation feature. I was all-in on Bertha just for the text generation features alone. But now they have a whole repository of AI-generated pictures available to the entire community? Amazing. We love it here.

    I also need to talk about the exemplary customer support, and the great team behind Bertha.ai. Andrew, Stephanie, Vito and the others behind this plugin are putting together something great. Whenever I’ve had the slightest issue, Bertha.ai has gotten back to me pretty much within hours. I see constant innovation and consideration towards Bertha.ai users, I see only great things ahead for this plugin the ecosystem/community surrounding it.

    -Sean S
    🐈‍⬛Panther Productions

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