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    I use your plugin since years…very good and satisfied user.

    But the “popup” called “frontend display” which now is shown on every post type is much too agressive. That this was approved by wp is strange.

    Imagine if every developer of a free plugin would add as much clutter to the wp interface as you do !

    Shame on you !


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  • Not only that, but you can’t shut it off!

    When you attempt to save the settings which would disable this “feature” I get the following message (on multiple websites)

    Saving failed. Please reload the page and try again.

    I agree. I am getting complaints similar to “What is this error on my Events editor?”. Horrible idea, y’all

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    Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    Types is a free Plugin and you can remove that Front End Display box either with the Check under “Screen Options” or via filter:

    @jkuzma your issue is not related to this Topic.
    You can not disable the Front End Display Box with a Setting in Toolset.

    This what you are mentioning is a BUG that happens only on instals that use Types only.
    The solution is to find here:

    I have raised your all concerns to our Developers.

    Thanks Beda, but the Screen Options field only removes the front end display for that session/post. As soon as I go to another post/page or if I login again later, it forcibly shows up again.

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    Yes, this is the WordPress behavior for Screen Options.

    As I above elaborated, there is also the Filter that you can use, and we are eventually implementing a Setting in the Settings Screen to disable that Box, in a Future Types Version.

    This are the only possible ways to disable the box by now.

    Would just like to add another voice to this. While the “front-end display” box may be helpful to me, as the person developing the design/architecture of my clients’ sites, it’s confusing and cluttering to the majority of the people creating content within the sites I maintain. Someone else mentioned an influx of “I’m getting an error message when I create content” emails–that’s true, and I can’t explain to many of them why in some cases there will always be an “error” message there even though there’s nothing wrong with the site.

    Many of my sites use a great many custom types managed by Toolset; telling clients that they need to turn it off manually for each type (and sometimes each session) isn’t a solution.

    Consider this a strong vote for an option to turn it off within the GUI…

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    The DEV team will provide a Setting for this in Toolset Settings menu soon.

    thx for the reply ! That is great !

    That’s fantastic. Thanks for the follow-up.

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    Solved with Types 2.1

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