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    Aggregate theme version 2.6

    As of recent, without any changes to the site for a while, the slides for the featured slider no longer display. The thumbnails that would be beneath the slides do display, but clicking on other than the first item have no effect.

    Other symptoms are: in the main menu, the submenus no longer drop down when the parent is hovered over. When logged into wp-admin, also the ET Control panel that appears on the left of the screen appears, but the button to hide it no longer works. Also, the wp-admin menu at the top of the page no longer appears, just leaving a blank area where it would be.

    It appears as though the display CSS attributes of various items are not being toggled, so are remaining in their initial state (be it initially displayed or not). Submenus, for example, are initially not displayed, and can’t be toggled to being displayed, as also for the individual slides within the featured slider. With regards to the wp-admin menu, however, it seems missing altogether (not even in the HTML of the page). I’m not sure what the mechanism that hides/unhides the ET control panel is, whether its changing display or positioning attributes, so there could also be a broader issue with not toggling CSS attributes dynamically.

    I am not very familiar with the theme, having inherited this project from another developer, and it had already been implemented. I have deactivated the most recent plugins — Counterize — but that has not effect. All the other plugins are in the same versions as last time the site worked correctly.

    I am hoping folks with more experience with this theme may offer some insight or suggestions. Thank you.

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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