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    is it possible to show the schema mark up at all sites?
    I added a code to a sub-page, the rating is showing there but not all sites are visible with it at schema test.
    Thank you very much for support.
    Best wishes,

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  • Plugin Author designextreme


    @mistacup When you mention “all sites”, you mean various locations/places?

    The answer is no. This plugin only supports one location with an active Place ID attached. The current location will be used to source the 5 most relevant reviews and its basic information to use as Structured Data on the home page only (there is an override to the Page ID if needed).

    I am quietly developing an extension to this plugin that will support multiple locations. I am still yet to decide whether to extend the Structured Data to have multiple instances as well – mainly because I don’t believe any search engine, including Google, uses the business reviews information. Also, the reviews that Google would source would only ever be its own reviews (so a little circular…).

    My advice is either to disable Structured Data with this plugin, or set your preferred/primary location in the current Place and just use this.

    I hope this a comprehensive response to your query.

    All the best,


    Hi Noah,

    thank you for very fast support.

    I mention same website and same local business.
    If check for example the homepage with then it´s showing me that structured data for aggregate rating is active.
    If I check where I added the rating code then the aggregate rating is not visible at the test for structured data.

    I hope this detailed information is useful.
    Thank you very much for support.

    Best wishes,

    Plugin Author designextreme


    @mistacup I don’t have your website’s URL, but I can believe it is active for the aggregate review data – on the home page only.

    The Structured Data is always showing on a single page on the website, the “Front Page” by default unless you edit the value to a different “post_id”. Is that what you mean by not visible on “… .com/anypage”?

    I hope you can take what you need from the information provided. Within this plugin, I don’t have plans to extend the Structured Data other than to other organisations/sectors/entities beyond just “Local Business”.

    If you’re interested in having multiple locations (and, perhaps multiple Structured Data instances covering these), please drop me an email: wordpress dash plugins at designextreme dot com.


    @designextreme thx for response.
    Can we add it to several or all pages instead of only to a single page?

    Plugin Author designextreme


    @mistacup According to the documentation I’ve read about this, it was advised to only have the overall business summary in one public page – so that’s perfect for the home page.

    If you want to force the output elsewhere, there is an undocumented shortcode for this very purpose:

    [reviews_rating structured_data]

    Enclose it with a <script type="application/ld+json"> ... </script> tag. Alternatively, to add the shortcode to a template, check the do_shortcode() documentation or perhaps the HEAD using: do_action('wp_head').

    However, this will simply output the same JSON data as you have on the front page.

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    @designextreme thank you very much for your advice. I´ll try this 🙂

    *Update: The code is giving me an error after adding only the javascript code to header with the rating shortcut
    Best wishes,

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    Plugin Author designextreme


    @mistacup This is outside of the plugin support as it’s not part of the existing/standard functionality of the plugin. I’d recommend checking that the JavaScript code is enclosed with the tag I suggested and read up about using using your functions.php file to add new functionality such as adding this to the page head etc. It’s better if someone with some WordPress or PHP development knowledge handles this if possible.

    Let me know if you need any further assistance.

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