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  • Hey everyone,
    thanks in advance for any suggestions,

    my problem is the following: I’d like to aggregate all articles from a few wordpress installations into a new WordPress installation. All WPs are on the same server, using different databases. The structure regarding where the content should appear needs to stay the same (the Theme is always the same, having 3 content boxes, Featured 1-3.

    My idea was that there are two ways to make this work: either writing all new articles of the child WP-installs into the database of the aggregating WP as well, or to extend the reading function of the aggregating WP to include the child-WP databases. But maybe there are even easier ways, e.g. a plugin already developed or a workaround via XML feed (note: The aggregation shouldn’t be a one-time thing, the articles need to be aggregated constantly/instantly).


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  • I think you can just make exports and import them all in one install. Best try this on a test site first, but I think I accidentally did this once in my early WP days and was surprised that I didn’t overwrite anything (post-id were of course the same).

    Yeah I see what you mean, unfortunately this is a one-time solution. I know how to combine a few wordpress installations together if it’s just for a one-time combination of content.
    However, my problem is rather that I need the mother-WP to constantly aggregate the articles from all child-WPs (so if an article is published in the child WP it also needs to appear in the same content box of the mother-WP (this is what makes it a little bit difficult to use XML feed only))…
    Seems like I need to write a few new classes myself…

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