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  • WordPress Dashboard, Settings, Calendar. On Available Views, make sure you have checked the view(s) you want and then click the radio button for your default view.

    yeah I got that, but my Agenda view looks nothing like their agenda view. Its just a list

    Upload a screenshot of what you’re talking about.

    No prob… here is a screen shot of the calendar i’m working on with “Agenda” mode on

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    And here is the one in the demo video with “Agenda” mode on

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    100% different and I can’t find any documentation as to what I need to edit. 🙂

    Your second image is the Posterboard view – don’t know where the ‘Agenda’ tag ast the top of the view came from. There could possibly be a difference between versions, but I kinda’ doubt that.

    BTW: I’m just east of Shreveport.

    Yeah I figured that may be the deal, but my posterboard view doesn’t replicate that either. All of the ‘panels’ are the same size and not lined up nearly as clean as that screen is. I wish I could get more details on this.

    Yeah I know right where H town is 🙂

    what you’re calling ‘panels’ are the individual events you have entered in the calendar. They are lined up vertically in nice columns. The top to bottom size of each event is dependent on how much material you entered in the description when you set up the event. The more you content you have, the taller that event is.

    I have been tinkering with it and I figured that out. My only issue now is that I need to reduce their width by about 20% so I can have 4 columns. Otherwise with 3 I have a ton of extra space on the left and right of the page. I tried to add a sidebar on it but it dropped the 3rd column and left me with 2 columns and the same problems.

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    Now you’re talking about changing code in either the plugin design or maybe in the stylesheet. I’d suggest you contact the plugin support folks.

    Actually, I kinda’ like the idea of the user having control over the column width when in Posterboard view. If you do hack the code, you might want to put that change in your style.css file. If you change the plugin code and ever update the plugin, you’ll be screwed.

    Yeah you’re correct. I think its my theme that won’t allow this plugin to fit the posterboard view 100% which sucks.



    Hi roppolo,

    In the latest version of the calendar (1.9.1 available via your dashboard or from you can adjust the minimum width of the calendar (from the settings page.)

    However, this still may not resolve your issue, depending on which WP theme you are using.

    If you upgrade to 1.9.1 Pro (with Premium Support – available from we can take a closer look at your theme and what your options are.

    Thank you

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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