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  • Gary hasn’t touched this plugin in over a year and seems to have no interest in supporting it. If you run a site that lists a lot of positions and gets a lot of applicants, this is NOT AT ALL the plugin for you. The data is strewn about through the posts and postmeta tables, which grow to enormous sizes. Because Gary didn’t build pagination into the back end, you will reach a point where you can’t list the jobs or the applicants without running out of memory. There’s no way to pull all that data out of the database, so you’re screwed. Too bad the guy abandoned this thing a long time ago without making it actually usable for a site of any reasonable size.

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  • Hey mediacellar, we’re considering using this Job Manager plugin for one of our projects, but noticed your negative feedback. Have you found any alternative plugins with similar functionality? Thanks a lot for your reply in advance!

    The short answer is no, we didn’t find a plugin we liked. There’s a theme called JobRoller that did pretty much what we wanted, but it also had several features we didn’t need and in fact, didn’t like at all. The devs didn’t give their users a way to shut those things off. And I’m not a fan of taking a tool like a job board and baking it into a theme instead of just making it available as a plugin.

    We ended up building our own tool using Gravity Forms and Types & Views; you can see how it looks on the front end here. (We used the same type of solution for a headhunter’s site, with a few changes, but it’s not launched yet so I can’t share that one with you.)

    Anyway, it turned out to be more flexible than trying to wrestle with something like JobRoller.

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