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  • Here is a problem that I don’t know if it can be addressed. I think that the plugin works great for what it does, but the problem is that if a person hits the back button they can re-enter their information and pass.

    I am wondering if there is any way once they enter their date if it can redirect to a fail page in which they are not allowed to re-enter the date.

    I work for a gaming company and the websites we produce is for games that have an M rating by ESRB. According to ESRB rules, the age-gate would need to have a pass or fail (which this plugin does) but if the user enters a date that is lower than the expected age they are not allowed to use the back button to re-enter the date into the age-gate.

    What this means is that once they fail, they are redirected to another page. The examples that I can give would be:

    When they are passed, you are directed to the home page. If the age verification fails, you are directed to a nopass page. Once you are on the nopass page everytime you try to access the site it redirects you to the nopass page. For ESRB this is a serious matter that it works this way or they will fine a company for not being in compliance.

    If anyone can think of a solution, please share it with all of us.


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  • I also would like to see such a feature added as I write for a gaming site as well and like you said, there are requirements for M-rated content and the like.



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    I am now closing this month old topic as it references an older version of WordPress.

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