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  • I’ve been searching and searching and trying everything I find and can’t fix this thing. I can’t even add tags to a post. If I push the Enter key with a tag there, it just saves the post. I’ve tried using different themes and emptying the cache, Use Google Libraries, WP Super Edit and whatever else I can’t remember and nothing does it. It seemed to start after I automatically upgraded to 3.4. Anything else I can do?

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  • Switch to default unedited twentyeleven theme, deactivate all plugins, and try again…report back with results.

    OK, when I switched to twentyeleven and deactivated all plugins, things work. Then when I go back to my regular theme without changing anything else, they don’t work again. I did clear cache.

    Your theme is likely leaking scripts/stylesheets into the dashboard.

    You will need to find the offending scripts (using your browsers “View Source” function) and edit the theme files that places them there.

    To make sure the theme scripts/css doesn’t load on the admin site; you can use either
    if (!is_admin())

    Or, the preferred way – wp_enqueue_script()

    Nettuts have a good article on using wp_enqueue_script available here.

    You lost me here. What files/pages am I looking for using View Source? How do I know if it loads onto the Admin site? The Nettuts article is so long and involved I don’t know what to do with it.

    Basically, your theme is loading files on the admin dashboard that are only supposed to show on the frontend of your website. These scripts are conflicting with the code in the dashboard and is causing the error you’re experiencing.

    You need to work out what scripts/css files are being loaded into the dashboard, then correct the errors in your theme’s code that is causing this to happen.

    If you’re not comfortable editing code, you have several possible options:
    – Contact the developer of your theme.
    – Find a new theme.
    – Find a WordPress-competent friend or hire someone.

    I can edit the code, I just need to know where to find those things. My theme is heavily modified and perfect for me, the thought of changing is an awful one, though I might need to if I can’t figure out how to find where the offenders are.

    Do I look at View Source of the various admin/dashboard pages?

    Yes. Look for anything that contains ‘wp-content/themes/YourThemeName’

    You might be surprised how much less work in the long run is involved in creating a child theme based on twentyeleven …worth some thought…

    Here is the original theme:
    (a couple versions older though) and my modifications:
    But the theme is so old, I probably need a new one. I really really don’t want to spend the time on that now though.

    I’m better with CSS than finding and fixing problems. I’m not sure what I’ll do. Thanks for the help and any other comments. I’m going to try to find any culprits first.

    Also, could you just tell me the offending code I’m supposed to be looking for? All I got was “You will need to find the offending scripts (using your browsers “View Source” function)” but I don’t know what it is that’s ‘offensive’. Thanks.

    I’m sorry, I overlooked this:
    “Yes. Look for anything that contains ‘wp-content/themes/YourThemeName’ “

    I found one, but can’t figure out where that code is coming from. Looks like this:
    <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’′></script>

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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