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  • Phil, there is a subtle problem with the “Age Gate User Registration” plugin.
    On the sign up page, more often than not, we are already asking for a birthdate (think match-making site). So when using this, we will literally be asking for their birthdate “twice” on the same page.

    But you have an option in the settings for this:
    [Registration age: Store users date of birth when registering]
    Could you maybe include a toggle under that, that will allow us to also save as the default birthdate in the user meta? That way we don’t have to request it twice, we can STILL use the Age Gate on the registration page AND we will still collect the birthdate of the user to use elsewhere in the site.

    Hmmm… but then how would we determine visibility level of this birthdate and if users are allowed to alter that or not.. (Allow members to override OR Enforce field visibility)

    Unless you have any other idea to avoid duplicate fields and still use AG Reg?

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  • Plugin Author Phil


    Hi @macfionn,

    If I understand right, you use want to capture stuff on the registration page and not have the normal age gate? If that’s right, just set age gate to “Selected content” and it’ll only show on pages you choose (in the edit screen).

    As for storing the date of birth, it is stored in user meta as two fields: u_db is a date in YYYY-MM-DD format and user_dob as an array.

    Hope I’ve got that right!


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