• A great way to test if Varnish is truly and totally working on website is verifying if the “age” value is increasing in page’s header when checking the website using a tool like Chrome’s Developer Tools.


    I was having a problem where this age value in header was always 0 which meant that Varnish was not caching pages properly.

    After testing different Varnish configs from Google, I was never able to make it work. After installing this plugin, this age value is now increasing.

    It integrates perfectly with wordpress. However, the purge option was not working properly on my website and the age value (which was now increasing thanks to this plugin) was not being purged when purging Varnish using this plugin, therefore, it was constantaly increasing without rolling back to 0. Nevertheless, this purge problem was also resolved after installing the “Varnish HTTP Purge” plugin.

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    Thank you the the rating. VCaching will purge Varnish. It just needs to be configured.
    Take a look at IPs/Hosts in the settings tab.

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    Of course I had configured it correctly. However, I managed to resolve this and the below described problem.

    I was having other problems with Varnish where I was randomly receiving a blank page when loading some pages in my website. After hours troubleshooting the problem and trying different approaches I finally found one that really worked.

    I was using Pound (which can be used as a SSL Proxy) to send all request to Varnish in clear HTTP.
    Because of the above described problems I was having, I decided to try moving to NGINX and use it as the SSL Proxy instead of Pound.

    After moving to NGINX all the above described Varnish’s problems disappeared.

    Also after performing several tests, I even found that this plugin is even better when purging the Varnish cache than other plugins which offer the same feature (WP-Rocket and HTTP Varnish for example). Other plugins are not able to purge the Age appropriately in the response header for some pages.

    I just wanted to provide a full problem description in case someone has the same “weird” problem. Basically use NGINX instead of any other SSL Proxy when proxing to Varnish.

    After trying several configs from Google, so far this is the only plugin which have provided to me a stable and working website when having Woocommerce and Varnish together. I’m very satisfied with this plugin and I will continue to use it.

    Best regards,

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    Good 🙂


    I have the same error (Age 0) described in another post with woocomerce and varnish 5, can u please share ur woocomerce and WordPress vcl??? , and cant purge the cache with too

    the only thing I did over is enabling hhtp2 on varnish (which still experimental)

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