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  • Actually, a two-fold problem, first I updated Firefox and noticed that the bottom of the site I had created at didn’t look correct anymore, the “Designed by . . .” and “Powered by . . .” had fallen out of the main section and into the background color at bottom of main section of page. Then I updated WP to 3.1 and now there is a “Leave a Reply” section at the bottom of every page, which I don’t want as I’m using WP to run site but not as a blog that someone can comment on and the “Powered by WP” looks fine but my “Designed by ” which usually resides on the lower left has disappeared altogether. It has been fine since last year until last night and I haven’t uploaded any new footers or pages in months.

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  • Update: I uploaded my onecolumn-page.php using Dreamweaver and it got rid of the “Leave a Reply” section that had mysteriously appeared. It actually said it was newer on the server, so I overwrote it but am not sure how that happened without my having uploading a new php. Anyway, that is solved, but the bottom doesn’t look correct, with the “Designed by . . .” missing and the “Powered by WP” falling off the page.

    Can someone take a look and help me. It is at .

    I think I’ve resolved this by going back to Dreamweaver and uploading some pages again and did have to change a bit of code. Each time, it said there was something newer on the site, which would indicate that when I updated my WP, that it altered some core files. Very strange and unwelcome.

    Thanks to anyone who would still like to comment.

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