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  • My website has always looked fuzzy in Firefox and clear in Internet Explorer but after the WP 3.8.1 update my WordPress Dashboard fonts are very fuzzy/faded/jagged/pixelated in Firefox and make it difficult to read. I’m starting to get a headache! I’ve tried changing the to False and made sure ClearType was checked, plus unchecked Use Hardware Acceleration When Available but nothing has worked. Is this a WordPress bug or a Firefox bug?

    Any other bright ideas out there? Or do I need to have my eyes checked?

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  • Hello,

    Can you share the screenshot of the issue? I wasn’t able to reproduce it.



    Sorry, dumb question but, how do I attach a screenshot of the problem? I don’t see that option here in the forum.

    If you’re used to older WordPress versions (pre-3.8) then the new look and feel of the admin may take some time to get used to.

    I just compared an older version and 3.8.1 in Firefox and indeed, in the older version the fonts are a little more crisp.

    Hmmmmm, so “With more than 50 million sites globally and eight years of proven history” why do we need to “take some time to get used to” fuzzy/faded/jagged/pixelated fonts in the WordPress Dashboard? Wow, I didn’t expect that solution. Or did I?

    Thank you :0)

    Well, I’m just an average WordPress user who saw the dashboard change considerably in 3.8.1 after having worked with the old style for many years, and it was a change that was big enough for me to need a little time to get used to. That’s my personal opinion and in no way should that be considered a “solution”.

    For all I know, it looks worse on your screen than on mine and “taking time to get used to it” is not an option. How do things look in Chrome?

    I haven’t tried Chrome. I’ve been working in Firefox. I tried it in Internet Explorer and everything is clear and easy to read. This tells me it’s not my monitor. So, could this be a Firefox issue and not a WordPress bug? I may have to work in IE even though I like using the Firebug.

    Thanks for the help anyway :0)

    I wouldn’t call it a WordPress bug, or a Firefox bug for that matter — it’s just how the browser renders the font in question.

    IE has a (Firebug-like) web inspector as well, and the browser itself has improved a lot recently (IE11 is really far from the bad, bad browser that IE6 was).
    But give Chrome a try as well — its web inspector tools are very similar to Firebug.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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