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  • Updated dev site and live site this morning with new WooCommerce and WooCommerce Helper and both /shop pages have stopped working and now just show no content. We can browse to product categories, and individual products, but the shop homepage isn’t displaying properly.

    I have created my own page which is ok, but any time someone clicks on ‘Shop’ from breadcrumbs or clicks on a brand filter, the shop breaks e.g.

    There is nothing for /shop in htaccess, I haven’t changes the permalinks and the woocommerce > Products > Display > Shop page is set to point at ‘Shop’ page as normal. I have turned off all plugins except for WooCommerce, and have also tried installing a previous version of WooCommerce but no change.

    Any help appreciated.

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    • This topic was modified 3 years, 2 months ago by stowbee.
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  • This has also happened to a site that I look after after updating Woocommerce to latest version.

    This is the shop page within Woocommerce and is not showing products.

    I had the same problem after the WooCommerce update. I had to restore a backup from 01/20/2017 to get it back. I’m using the Divi theme, what are you all using?

    Hi Tim

    I am using Divi as well and had to add the shop module to the page to be able do display the products and get it working again. It was set to the default Woocommerce page previously. Other sites that use Woocommerce use a custom shop page set up in Divi and they were operating ok.

    Yes I’m using Divi too – It def seems to be an issue/incompatibility with the Divi theme. Ok I might need to add the shop module then… Not ideal though for me as I have manufacturer filter links which only work from the standard WooCommerce shop archive page.

    Hi Stowbee

    I think I have worked out what might work for you. I have another site I am developing and I checked its shop page and it works fine. When I had a better look, it was using the standard editor and not Divi builder. When I changed it to Divi Builder, the shop details disappeared and when I changed back to standard editor, product categories showed up.

    Check to see if you have changed the shop page to use Divi builder. If you don’t have any modules that you need to keep, then change it back to Standard/wordpress editor and see what happens.

    Having the same issues with divi and woocommerce, but in addition I get deprecated function notices to do with wc members but disappears with the yith customize my account page plugin deactivated. I have turned off the notices so my customers stop sending me emails about them.

    Further the divi booster plugin has stopped functioning properly and I imagine it is related, unfortunately I wrote a bunch of CSS in the divi booster plugin that I can not access but have to turn off the plugin if I want a primary menu on my website.


    thanks that worked for displaying the products. But now on the page when my primary menu shrinks all the menu items turn white for some reason (with a white background).



    What is your site address?

    There’s a fix on ElegantTheme’s website which worked for me. Here’s a link to the thread:

    You have to add some code to your themes function.php file. I believe it’s a temporary fix until they add it to their core code.

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    There is some fix code to add to functions, but I had another support guy just say make sure that the the Divi editor mode is disabled on the Shop page and switch it to ‘Default Editor’ and that fixed it for me. Hope this helps.

    I have actual Divi content on my page so going to the Default Editor was not an option for me.

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