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[Resolved] After Widget & Before Widget

  • Mike Zielonka


    Hi All. Found 2 bugs.

    1 – When you use quotes in the advance sidebar options it strips them out (not what I was expecting.

    2- When you use 2 classes for selectors it’s including 1 of them in the class. RIght now it is this: http://cloud.tunas.co/image/3B0r1D1j380j but should be this:

    Before Title <h2 class=”widgettitle”>
    After Title </h2>
    After Widget <li id=%1$s class=”widget” %2$s>
    Before Widget


    PS – Is there a better spot to log these?


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  • J K


    WPMU DEV Support Staff

    Hi there Mike,

    Hope your well today, sorry about the delay on this.

    Thanks for the bug reports, I have checked in my test install and can replicate the same issues, I’ll report them as confirmed bugs 🙂

    Kind Regards

    Good to know it is reported as a bug.. again.. see here
    However some of us need a fix for now.

    For anyone else wanting to manually resolve the issue before the next update, proceed to line 1537 and replace this code:

    $id = trim($_POST['cs_id']);
    		$name = trim($_POST['sidebar_name']);
    		$description = trim($_POST['sidebar_description']);
    		$before_widget = trim($_POST['cs_before_widget']);
    		$after_widget = trim($_POST['cs_after_widget']);
    		$before_title = trim($_POST['cs_before_title']);
    		$after_title = trim($_POST['cs_after_title']);

    with this code:

    $id = stripslashes( trim($_POST['cs_id']) );
    		$name = stripslashes( trim($_POST['sidebar_name']) );
    		$description = stripslashes( trim($_POST['sidebar_description']) );
    		$before_widget = stripslashes( trim($_POST['cs_before_widget']) );
    		$after_widget = stripslashes( trim($_POST['cs_after_widget']) );
    		$before_title = stripslashes( trim($_POST['cs_before_title']) );
    		$after_title = stripslashes( trim($_POST['cs_after_title']) );

    As a side request to the editors/authors, please clean up the white space in these code files and make them easier to read! Maybe some comments? lol

    J K


    WPMU DEV Support Staff

    Hi there @wwwebwizard,

    Thanks for sharing your resolution with the community much appreciated 🙂

    Don’t worry, we’ll certainly be looking to improving this and fixing bugs etc 🙂

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

    Can’t I use HTML code in the text I use in the sidebar?

    Just simple things like Font size and color?

    Otherwise a great plugin.

    J K


    WPMU DEV Support Staff

    Hi there @klaus,

    Hope your well today and sorry about the delay here.

    You can use HTML if your using the text widget, in wp-admin > appearance > widgets 🙂


    Kind Regards

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