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  • I am having some serious trouble with themes. I have three themes uploaded(I can see them in my dreamweaver ftp window) but none of them are showing up on my presentation page.

    I have several blogs and some are affected and some are not. I just went in to modify my blog and I realized that my themes are all gone from the presentation area. They are also not showing when you go to my folder using IE. For example Only three show up there and I have three themes in that folder when looking at my site in Dreamweaver. I have tried deleting them and reloading and that doesn’t work.

    This blog of mine doesn’t seem to be affected at all but this one is as well as my main blog and this one

    These are all blogs that I had customized my graphics and css files. In fact my customized graphics are still showing up but I cannot edit them. In presentation it says my theme is uploaded but the template file is missing. My template file shows up looking at the file in dreamweaver. I tried finding it in IE and I got this error

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_header() in /home/mbdblogc/public_html/modmom/wp-content/themes/juicy/index.php on line 3

    Does anyone have any idea what might be going on? How can I get my themes back or at least my main themes so that I can edit the graphics. Help???

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  • Update: I find I can change my site still by changing my css file and uploading it. I still can’t see it in presentations.

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