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  • I manually upgraded from 3.2.1 to 3.3, but now the visual editor does not work.

    I have also tested using the twentyeleven and twentyten themes, as well as with the Suffusion theme which my site uses. I have not been able to get the visual editor operational again.

    Anyone got any ideas? Purging the files and purging the database and then readding everything is not an option.

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  • @ipstenu this was a stock WP installation, with no additional plugins installed. If such a folder exists *mu-plugins* where would I find it?

    mu-plugins is for Multisite installations.

    You had NO plugins?

    Do you have Silverlight installed on your system?

    I did mention i’m on a linux system right? And the blog is self hosted? And is running off of a linux server? Which therefore invalidates the Silverlight thing :/

    (And by no plugins, i meant on wordpress there are none other than akismet and whatever the hello one was. But they were deactivated. And on my system, I have Java, AdBlock Plus (disabled). No other plugins)

    You’d think it’d be more efficient to have one “my editor broke” thread than having the same people answer the same question 50 times. Sounds like we have the EXACT same problem, but fine.

    @drokkon Mine doesnt load at all. Yours loads slowly. Big difference.

    @theresistance, I am having the exact same issue and have another thread. Any chance I can move my work in to this thread? I have done all the steps recommended and still No visual Editor either. I get the exact same thing as you in your attached pic.


    @kitllc In which mode, edit post mode or new post mode? Because I got the new post one working, its the edit post mode that’s broken.

    And its up to the mods whether or not to allow you to work in my thread, not up to me.

    @theresistance I get no Visual Editor anywhere.

    I am having the same problem – no visual editor. Other than that the site works perfectly well, no problems at all – but no visual editor no matter what. My only plug-in is Askimet and even with that turned off, nada. I’ve tried everything I could think of, but no joy.

    Because everything else is working so nicely I’d have sworn the tabs must just have been put in a new location that I couldn’t see, but that doesn’t seem to be the case…

    I’ll add that it makes no difference whether I am editing an old post or creating a new one – no visual editor


    Do any of you even read the threads? My issue has changed from no visual editor anywhere to no visual editor only when editing posts.

    if this is not your issue, then do not post in my thread. because that’d be hijacking my thread

    I believe I am having the same problem only for me it makes no difference if it’s trying to edit an existing post or to start a new one.

    I can only see the HTML tab, when I click the visual tab nothing happens, it may as well not even be there. My screen looks the same as TheResistance’s, all of my editing buttons are gone and only the media/insert link is showing.

    This is VERY frustrating.

    I have done the following:

    1) Turned off ALL plugins (no difference)
    2) Tried other themes (including TwentyTen (no difference)
    3) Other browsers, restarting (no difference)
    4) Checked preferences to make sure that the disable visual editor thingie was unchecked.

    No matter what I do, I have no visual editor.

    I do not even have the tabs…

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Two things I want everybody to check:

    1. Clear your browser cache. Really. Don’t ask silly questions like “why”, just please try it. I admit that it’s thin and probably won’t work. Try it anyway.

    2. Do a manual upgrade in the following manner:
    a) Get a fresh copy of 3.3’s zip file.
    b) Unzip it.
    c) Using your FTP or upload tool of choice, upload the entire thing right over the top of your existing installation. Pay special attention to the files in the root directory. Not just /wp-admin and /wp-includes, but all the files in the root as well, such as wp-settings.php and all that.

    I fully admit that these suggestions may not work. But if they do, then please report back that they did.

    Additional: We’ve seen “editor not appearing properly” problems on these forums before, pretty much every other major release. In every case I’ve ever checked myself, the problem was due to an incomplete upgrade in some manner. This is why I highly recommend triple checking with suggestion #2 there, and ensuring that you have indeed upgraded *all* of the WordPress files.

    Clearing the cache made no difference, will report back on the manual upgrade.

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