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  • I manually upgraded from 3.2.1 to 3.3, but now the visual editor does not work.

    I have also tested using the twentyeleven and twentyten themes, as well as with the Suffusion theme which my site uses. I have not been able to get the visual editor operational again.

    Anyone got any ideas? Purging the files and purging the database and then readding everything is not an option.

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  • I tried replacing the wp-includes folder as well to see if that would fix it, no dice.

    Same problem with 2 clients.

    1 client turned off his adblocker plugin and got it working again.

    Not sure about 2nd client yet.

    I’m confused why that would have an effect…

    Weird… when I turn off adblock plus, it fixes it… *shrugs*

    in any case, i’ve added the exception in adblock plus for my site (since there’s no ads on it :P) so it should work now.

    OH man! Woohoo!

    I realized for the same reason that an ad blocker could cause it to be blocked, something like “internet speeder-uppers” and safe browsing doohickeys could possibly block content from a different source of some sort – but maybe more people use ad blockers than I know.

    The client is in marketing so it would be particularly funny if he blocked ads!

    Thanks for letting me know though, I’m looking forward to hearing if a different mechanism works for anyone else?

    Okay, now there’s a new issue with this system. While my deactivating adblock plus, i can create a new post with the visual/html editor. But when i go to *edit* a preexisting post it does not allow me to edit either visually OR the HTML. It just hangs there with the HTML code hidden as the same color as the background, and does not actually allow for the editor to load.

    Any ideas people?

    When in the Edit Post interface, given the last post to this thread, I cannot edit the link that would be used to access the post either. This poses a few problems, of course, if you want to change the URL post-publishing.

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    Did you try turning off ALL your plugins?

    the only plugin loaded is akismet. and with it off, the issue remains. But ***ONLY*** for editing posts, not for writing new ones (except when you hit “save draft”, then it reloads to the edit page, and the same issue occurs).

    Also, from the master list, I checked the JSON / JQuery using the link:
    <site>/wp-admin/load-scripts.php?load=jquery, and it returned text, not a blank page, so I am assuming that jquery works in this setup, unless I am mistaken, so I know that is not an issue (another thread with a similar situation recommended checkign that JQuery works, and that if it returns a blank page then there’s a problem).

    See this screenshot for a visual of what i’m talking about when at the edit post screen.

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    That looks like After The Deadline is still on…

    Can you rename your plugins folder to plugins-OLD and see what happens?

    I did that, still nothing. Same issue.

    I concur. My editor loads extremely slowly, and doesn’t load at all half the time. I don’t have any type of adblocker running, and I’m using Google Chrome.

    I had other problem, all my posts deleted and can’t publish a new post. There’s no Publish button, only there Submit for review button…

    @dewadg and @drokkon please don’t try to hijack my thread please. Instead, your issues seem separate from mine, so please post in your own topics. Thanks.

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    What TheResistance said 🙂

    If you’re not having 100% the same problem, please make your own post.

    That’s really weird. You don’t have anything in mu-plugins, do you?

    It might be worth taking into account the speed noted by drokkon – I noticed that my toolbar loads *extremely*slowly, but it does load. Like dial-up modem slowly.

    Could there be something in the programming that is timing out when trying to display the toolbar, maybe?

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