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  • Resolved Oscar


    Tried looking for it but haven’t really seen a lot of people with the same issue, at least not for updating to 2.5.

    Anyway, exported my DB and then followed the upgrading instructions, both the official and other tips from users that had updated successfully.

    Everything has worked like a charm, even though I’m updating to another domain which also needed me to import my old posts, comments, categories etc.

    Now I see that after importing all the old posts, successfully I might add – all posts are uncategorized and hence posted into that category. Do I have to edit them manually?!

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  • Well, if I check with PHPMyAdmin, all posts (before exporting) are assigned the value “0” (default) to all posts. I guess, after browsing the whole support forum and finding a lot of people having the same issue with previous versions that – The backup can’t really assign/import categories to the post. In the Docs “it will import your categories” probably just means that it will import your categories as categories and not assign them to the right post.

    The time consuming thing is not creating the categories again, it is assigning them to ALL of your previous entries. Crap. I really hope there’s a solution to this, or that it is one on the way. This feels; kind of basic?

    Solved with PHPMyAdmin, drop all tables. Export old, Import to the new and upgrade DB.

    What? LOL

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