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  • Billy


    After I made the upgrade to Version 2.3.2 the flash buttons what I have in the header and in the footer don’t work any more.
    Before the upgrade was working perfectly the all flash buttons from the all sites.
    I tried with IE 6 , IE 7 and with Mozilla Firefox but the flash buttons not work.
    This is one of the sites in question :
    The same problem I have in one more site with diferents flash buttons.
    Any help or advice? Thanks!

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  • Billy


    Any help?

    It could be an issue with the height of the element that the flash is contained within.

    they work for me.

    they work… but you can see the effect is broken. I’m assuming that you mean that it looks unsightly after the upgrade..?

    no, I guess Im not saying that — Im saying that as far I can tell they work — clicking on them takes me to where I think I ought to be going. The last one, for instance appears to be identified as link to a contact page — I click it, and thats where I go.



    Thanks whooami for answer me.
    I don’t now how for you the buttons work becouse I tested from few pc’s and the buttons when I make click don’t respond. Only when I put the cursor above respond but when I make clik .. nothing happen.
    Can you be more explicit please?

    they work for me, thats as explicit as I can be. As I said, when I clicked on the right-most button (the contact button) — I went to a page with a contact form on it.

    Work >> trabaja bueno aqui.



    Hello there.
    I’m having the same problem billybrasov talk about.
    I didn’t upgrade anything (at least knowing I was doing that) and suddenly this morning the flash buttons didn’t work any more in several pages I use to visit.
    I would appreciate any help with this issue.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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