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  • after updating the theme 1.0.1 on a narrow screen (smartphone), the button to open the menu stopped opening the menu altogether. worked before!
    the button has become larger. I clicked many times in Firefox 52.9.0 (32-bit) but never opened.

    <button type=”button” class=”menu-toggle”><span class=”menu-icon”>☰</span><span class=”menu-text screen-reader-text”> Menu</span></button>

    however works in others
    Chromium 39.0.2150.5
    Opera 36.0.2130.80
    Chrome 42.0.2311.152

    the first one I see is that the button does not work in some browsers.
    I have been using Firefox for many years because Firefox is the best way to render site layouts.

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    Does the menu button in the demo work for you?

    Have you customized the code at all, say through a child theme?

    Have you added any caching/minification tools like W3TC?

    Is it possible to get the link to your website?

    Thread Starter Vladimir Kazakov


    Not work

    It is js that does not work.
    Similarly, the button does not work in Firefox for the generic theme. exactly the same button.

    the browser is generally not that old and I do not know in which ones it may not work yet

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    It works for me in Firefox.

    Are you using uBlock or another security tool that might be blocking JS? You may need to whitelist your website.

    It’s hard to investigate further without seeing it.

    If you can share the website with me privately, I can take a look:

    Thread Starter Vladimir Kazakov


    uBlock or another security tool – no

    the problem is not in the site but in the incompatibility of the old browser and the script.
    I think that such scripts are better not to be used on websites

    the button does not work on the demo site

    Theme Author LawyerWEB


    Do you simply have JS disabled?

    Why can’t you upgrade to the latest version of Firefox?

    Are you using a fork of Firefox or Tor perhaps?

    I used to feel the same way about JS, but in 2021, it’s pretty essential, especially for accessibility, which is the main reason the way the theme menu works was upgraded (so that people could control the opening/closing of it with the Enter key after tabbing to it).

    I did some reading just to refresh myself on arguments against JS, and it turns out that even a decade ago, the idea that requiring JS would cause usability issues for accessibility or in general was something of a myth, probably held over from many years prior to that.

    But, I could read about the subject ’til the cows came home, and to be completely honest, it would still be a very difficult issue for me to fully grasp.

    At the moment, I can really only follow the WordPress guidelines on this, and otherwise, I think it’s a little above my expertise level. But, I do care, and I get a little better understanding these complexities with practice, so maybe with more feedback from users, I’ll make an adjustment to this in the future, but that’s not something I can do at the moment, sorry.

    Thread Starter Vladimir Kazakov


    it is incorrect to consider others as idiots. only 1 button in 1 browser does not work for me. not javascript at all.

    I use portable versions of browsers so as not to reinstall them after installing windows xp. and that they themselves are not updated.
    yes browsers are old because many new ones are not installed on windows xp.
    it happens that a new javascript appears on some site and it does not work in existing browsers. but this is absolutely no reason to update. You can enable another browser. if needed. some sites (especially with video) I look only in maxthon. and it does not show everything as it should.

    speech about the fact that such new scripts are not universal. and they should not be used unless absolutely necessary.
    maybe some other browsers will have problems.
    I test sites in all available browsers so that clients do not have problems and not get involved with incomprehensible working themes.

    I can use the previous version of the theme if needed. works in it. not problem 🙂

    Theme Author LawyerWEB


    it is incorrect to consider others as idiots.

    In case you thought I was calling anyone an idiot, I was not.

    Anyway, yes, you’re not required to upgrade to the new version. In fact, you could simply fork the code and build your own custom theme from it if you like.

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