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  • I don’t like, new feature… like image compression or cache feature
    Because i have another plugin that i installed before this features go on…

    If you can create “lite version” for optimization database only, it’s good choice for people like me

    Five stars for development…. for sure i more respect cause your reply…

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  • Plugin Author David Anderson


    Hi Mentik,

    If you don’t like the features, then you can not use them. They’re off by default, and have zero measurable performance impact (no code runs, and the disk space for the code is negligible). So, the “lite version” you want really exists already; just don’t turn on the features you don’t want, and they have no impact.

    The market reality of 2019 (and has been for a few years up until now) is that the only two choices for long-term sustainable WP plugins that have support is a) stuff produced by keen amateurs who are willing to work + support for free for years (difficult to know in advance and base your business website decisions upon) or b) plugins that contain more than a single sub-feature within their overall scope, with either some or all of those features being paid.

    WP-Optimize is aiming to provide a decent range of site optimization features, focusing on one goal (site performance) It isn’t viable providing just one sub-feature (DB optimization) within that goal; which is why i) all our commercial competitors have been doing the same thing) and why, ii) under its previous owner before we took it over a few years ago, WP-O had stagnated with no new development or fixes or support happening – it was a case of a) above.

    The reality is, basically nobody who complains about plugins adding features they didn’t want ever donates more than $0 to those plugins to show their willingness to back the existence of small, sub-feature-scoped plugins; so, such plugins can’t exist, unless we all agree to not eat. I hope this helps you understand why what you want can’t realistically happen in the WP plugin market as it exists today.


    Ok thanks for your explanation David, i getting problem with wp optimizer and W3tc…

    I use complex cache plugin,, because using extra cache system by proxy, user-agent, and search.. because i have advanced ads management for different devices

    So i create the post before…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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