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    After the last update on 01.06, the planets in the radix are in the wrong place. For example, I am Libra, born 19.10 and my sun is represented in the radix in Scorpio. Also the planets are not correct in the houses.

    The calculation of the interpretation texts is correct. It’s all right there. Unfortunately, I have no plan where to start or where the error is. I only noticed that yesterday. A friend has tested, his ascendant should be in libra – in the interpretation correctly, in the circle he would be scorpion…. Placidus house system – where could the error be?

    It is not a direct technical error. Everything works fine, except the radix – it can’t be right that way.

    I really need a solution. The plugin is one of the BEST and it would be such a pity if the radix doesn’t work properly – then I can’t offer it – so much work goes into the interpretations …

    Thanks in advance to everyone who has an idea.

    Cheers from munich,

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • update: I am sorry, the wheel is correct, signs, houses, BUT some planets are not at the blue stripe at their right place in the chartwheel ..the blue stripe is right as well … why are some planets not at their right place?

    F.e. the blue stripe for sun is right in libra, but the sun sign is located at scorpio … uranus is also not on his right place …

    maybe the image.php ? – now i am very sure this must be a graphic issue to draw the place, cause the datas and the report is without any errors …

    this is a very fantastic plugin ๐Ÿ™‚

    The sun is not on the degree (where the line is correct)

    GOT IT: in image.php from line 610 to 648 the planetary position is drawn. Here I changed the value “too_close” from 3 to 0 on all lines. Now it runs PERFECT

    I hardly have a degree apart from the unusual horoscope that I have all core planets close to the ninth house. f.e

    Sorry for the trouble, maybe it helped someone.

    Greetings from Munich

    Plugin Author isabel104


    I’m sorry for the delay. Yes, the zpci_is_planet_too_close function checks if 2 planets are within 3 degrees of each other. If they are within 3 degrees, the planet is moved 3 degrees over, because otherwise planets in conjunction were being drawn right on top of each other.

    Just so I understand, are you saying that you changed the 3 to a 0 on this line (line 606) from the zpci_is_planet_too_close function:

    return ( $distance <= 3 ) ? true : false;

    Does your chart have a stellium with several planets? If so, after you modified the code, aren’t the planet glyphs overlapping on top of each other?

    I’ll modify this in the next update to keep the planets in conjunction closer together.

    oh, thank you for you reply ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yeah, that’s right. I’ve zeroed all the values on the positions in exact these lines for zpci_is_planet_too_close.

    I have an “unusual” horoscope, where the planets in all radix views have always overlapped. ๐Ÿ˜€ in every Radix Software – Sun, Mars, Venus, Pluto – all in libra, all in ninth house, all only a few minutes apart ๐Ÿ˜€ – what do you like to do there (lol) – so I noticed that. In the previous setting, the sun, the pluto was in the scorpion… but it is not realy overlapping, they standing little closer ..

    NOW its an great radix ๐Ÿ™‚ – Iยดll make a screenshot …

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