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    We have the simple beginnings of a store with only one category > having only one subcategory > having only one subsubcategory > having only one subsubsubcategory > having seven products.

    The way we set it up, each of the category, subcategory and subsubcategory parent pages contained only the thumbnail with link for it respective child page. And the subsubsubcategory page contained only the thumbnails for the seven products.

    But with a recent WC update, each of those category thru subsubsubcategory pages has added to it below the sub-thumbnail a replication of description for one or another of the seven products. It’s like where there used to be, as it should, just the thumbnail for the sub, there is now following the thumbnail a replication of the description for one of the products. (The product description replication excludes any original paragraph spacing.)

    We have done nothing to cause this change other than updating WC and our theme, Total, which is WC friendly.

    We have looked through all of the settings and find nothing we can change to fix it.

    We have tried hiding the products whose descriptions are being replicated on the cat/subcat pages, but that doesn’t help. The descriptions of the hidden products replicated there are simply replaced by those of other pages.

    We have also tried creating a new category that might be used to replace the current category, but the problem occurred in the new category, as well.

    Any ideas?

    We’ve submitted a ticket with Total support, too, to see if they have any ideas.

    We would provide a link here so that you can see it. But we would rather not, because then scores of yahoos from all over the world with no real interest in the matter would click the link to see, and that screws up our visitor analytics. Then there is no way to delete the post to keep that from continuing to happen.


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  • Plugin Support Mike


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Hi there,

    This appears to be a theme issue, as WooCommerce doesn’t display product descriptions on category pages. Your theme developer should be able to help with this with an update.



    Thank you Mike.

    The theme developer and I have been studying this, and he pointed out yesterday that when looking at the source on the page, the superfluous product description content is coming from the Footer Builder, and that it seemed to him that the content had been manually added there.

    However, while the source on the page does indeed show that the product description is coming from the Footer Builder, there is no such content actually found in the Footer Builder. Plus, I can absolutely guarantee 100 percent that no such content was manually added there, because I am the one and only person who has access, and I have certainly never added any such content to the Footer Builder.

    Another thing is that the added product description changes to a different product when you get down to the last subcategory. We’ve also experimented with turning categories off and on or whatever, and that can change the added product description from one product to another.

    Also, I haven’t even made any changes in the store at all for months, whether in the categories or products or otherwise. I just happened to look at the store recently sometime after updates to the theme and WooCommerce, and surprise, suddenly this superfluous product description content appeared below the category and subcategory thumbnails.

    We’ll keep looking.

    Plugin Support Joel Williams


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Hi there!

    We haven’t heard back from you for a while so I’m going to close this ticket.

    If you’re still having problems please open a new ticket, thanks!

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