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    After update to 2.8.0 version the Logo in my Invoices and Packing slips are not showing any more. Instead the text “Image not found or type unknown” is shown.

    I did not change any of my settings and I cannot get the logo back.

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  • Plugin Contributor Yordan Soares


    Hello @lostdogsse,

    1. Are you using a custom template?
    2. Could you share with us a screenshot of your System Configuration and Write Permissions under WooCommerce > PDF Invoices > Status (at the bottom)?

    I look forward to your reply.

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    Hi, I am using the Simple template.

    Here is a screenshot of my configuration:

    I have the exact same issue. No logo showing and I have not changed a thing.

    Same issue for me this morning after the update. Did not made any changes.

    Hope you can help me solve this issue too.


    Plugin Contributor Ewout


    @lostdogsse @nancysmets @pctech66
    We’re sorry about this issue. The new version of the PDF library (needed for PHP8.0 support) has stricter security when it comes to loading resources on your site, and this means we need to specify exactly where the plugin is allowed to load images (among other things).
    We default to the wp content folder (using the WP_CONTENT_DIR constant), but it’s possible that on some specific sites there’s a mismatch between the detection of that folder. It’s hard to know that without access to the site or seeing the source used for generating the PDF so it’s better to explore the other options first.

    Another possibility is that the new version is unable to detect the library handling PNG images on your server. This is easier to check:

    • Go to the General settings page and click the ‘Set image’ button and make sure to select a JPG image. The filename for a JPG image (seen under “Attachment details”) ends in .jpg or .jpeg
    • Enable ‘Test mode’ in the General settings
    • Open an existing invoice and check if the image shows
    • Disable ‘Test mode’

    Let us know your findings! We’ll do our best to resolve this as quickly as possible.

    Yep, got that issue also. I did what you suggested, but this doesnt help. My logo is a .jpg file.

    I also see that the css is handled a bit differently.

    Now I understand why the problem exists on my site. I don’t use the wp upload folder for images but use a created folder media. I use the following plugin for this WP Original Media Path

    How can I use the image in this folder?


    When I use the &output=html parameter, the html shows the logo on the html page

    Maybe an addition to the post of @nancysmets, I renamed the upload directory in wp_config.php like this define(‘UPLOADS’,<my_upload_dir>).

    About the css changes (with the standard simple template). The price info on the totals part of the pdf seem to be left aligned or at least not aligned to the price heading on a two page (and maybe more) invoice. On single page invoice it is shown correctly as far as i can see.

    Plugin Contributor Ewout


    @rruyter could you open a new thread about the css changes with some examples? This way we can keep this thread focussed on the path issues. HTML output cannot be compared because that is processed locally in your browser with URLs instead of processing on the server with paths.

    @nancysmets thanks for sharing that. We’ll try to find how to catch the paths used by that plugin too in addition to including UPLOADS (@rruyter) hopefully with a fix later today

    To @rruyter thanks for your tip but to be honest I have no idea how to fix it myself. I checked the file but don’t see anything about uploads. I don’t have enough knowlegde 🙁

    I hope there is a solution soon within the plugin itself ( WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips)


    @pomegranate that would be great I hope it will be fixed soon.

    THanks for the help so far 🙂


    I just created a new thread for the css issue. It is unluckily marked as spam. Don’t know why, but I trust the post will be unspammed soon.

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    @lostdogsse @nancysmets @pctech66 @nancysmets
    We have just released an update that adds the uploads dir (following UPLOADS or plugin overrides like WP Original Media Path) and custom temporary paths to the allowed locations. Could you test if 2.8.1 solves the issue with the image not showing?

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