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  • Hi there,
    I can see in this forum that the problem has been mentioned, but not when the solution will be available.
    When will you release the patch?
    I really need to hide the title on the homepage!
    Thank you!

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  • Any update on this?

    Plugin Author wooassist



    We are currently working on the patch and will be released as soon as possible.
    Thank you for your patience.



    Any updates on this? All of my pages now have Titles showing. Anyone aware of another solution?

    Would be interested to know if there’s a fix on the horizon too.


    So the developer knew about this over a month ago and still hasn’t patched the issue… I appreciate the work that goes into dev and free of charge on top of that! I do however hope you realise that by lack of maintenance you are dropping many people in the hole.

    Plugin Author wooassist


    Hi everyone,

    We fully understand the gravity of having delays on an update. Thank you for bearing with us up to now.

    The plugin is currently working with the stock Storefront 2.2.4. Kindly try the plugin with the stock Storefront theme.

    I have tried the plugin with stock storefront 2.2.4 and it isn’t working. I could only get it to work with 2.1.8.

    The latest version of the extension that I can see is 1.2.3 which was released 5 months ago, is there an update?

    Plugin Author wooassist


    We have tested the plugin with the latest Storefront version 2.2.4 and it is working. If it does not work in your end please test for plugin or child theme conflicts by disabling plugins one by one except for woocommerce and try switching to storefront theme if you are using a child theme. If no conflicts are found please send us more info on the issue you are experiencing and we will have a look.

    I have disabled all extensions except WooCommerce and Title Toggle, switched to the stock standard Storefront theme and the page title on the home page will still not toggle. I can send you credentials if you would like to have a look.

    Plugin Author wooassist


    Version 1.2.4 has been released to address some of the known issues.

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    Now for the why: The internet is a wonderful place full of very nice people and a few very bad ones. I’m sure everyone here is very nice however, by giving some ones keys to your house you are trusting they wont steal anything. Likewise the person who takes the keys is now responsible for the house FOREVER.

    If something was to go wrong, then you the author may well legally become liable for damages, which they would not normally have been as their software is provided without warranty.

    Please be aware that repeatedly asking for credentials will result in us asking you to repeatedly stop before escalating up to the plugins team.

    It is never necessary for you to do that.

    There are many ways to get information you need and accessing the user’s site is not one of them. That’s going too far.

    You get the idea.

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