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  • Hi,
    after updating this morning to vers.1.1.0 all my centered images are now left-aligned on the page.
    The following text paragraph is floating directy after the image, without line break.

    I see that this is caused by a CSS in your plugins css:
    display: inline-block;

    if I disable this option, it looks fine again.

    Any changes you made on this ? or do I have to manually edit this in the plugins CSS ?

    Thanks for any help I can get in advance.

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  • I am having the same problem with all images aligning left rather than right as I normally align them. I had to turn the plugin off to get the pictures to go back to normal.

    also having the same problem, please revert to actual functionality.

    Yes, add me to having the same problem. I finally found out by deactivating the new version, my images were centered again. The only ones that are centered appear to be the ones with captions or if you go into every post and edit the image to say it’s centered. Need fix ASAP please.

    I was just informed by my theme that this plugin is the problem for me too causing these same problems, plus it makes my text wrap around the images. It is a code that is causing it something like.. display: inline
    I have deactivated the plugin and am looking for something else. If this gets fixed soon I will reactivate.

    I solved this same problem by using a different plugin:

    With the help of this tutorial:

    Hope it helps you as well!

    Same issue here with everything being aligned to the left instead of center! :/

    Is there a fix for this besides using a different plugin?

    Please help!

    Thanks! 🙂

    Hi all,

    I had the same problem – i got around it by creating a small jquery script that applied the class ‘alignright’ to the wrapper that the pinterest plugin applies to any image with the class of alignright. Here’s my code for anyone who is interested…

    // make sure the pinterest button doesn't cause our aligned right images to break the layout
    	jQuery('#main').find('.pibfi_pinterest img').each(function() {
    		if (jQuery(this).hasClass("alignright")) {

    @wedideas I’m not very code savy, where does that jquery script go? I didn’t think that would work in the css, does it go in the plugin code?

    Hi @catchmohl, You’ll need to put that code inside your website header, wrapped inside a <script> tag. If you’re not code savvy it may be better to get someone who is to help, as you will need to edit one of your theme files. What theme are you using?


    Same problem here!

    Same problem here! Will need to switch to a new plugin if this is not resolved. 🙁

    I was having the same problem and just got a fix from a guy in a wordpress forum I’m in. This CSS change worked for me.

    Edit your style.css and add following code:
    .pibfi_pinterest { width: 100%; }

    and edit this code block : (make it like this)
    img.centered, .aligncenter {
    margin:0 auto;

    Credit to Wamiq Ali from:

    The two different code snippets above didn’t do what I needed – just caused different problems. 🙁

    The best fix I have found was just to go back to the old version of the plugin, which is available here on

    Alignment is broken in the latest release. The patch to fix it is here:

    Hope someone still sees this?

    I tried reverting back to older version of the plugin but my images are still not centre aligning. It’s not all the images, and not either horizontal ones or vertical…Only the ones with captions seem to centre.

    Very frustrating – if anyone else has a fix?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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