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    After updat when I click on Nextgen icon:

    get_static_abspath requires a path and module. Received \nextgen-gallery\products\photocrati_nextgen\modules\nextgen_basic_album\static\extended_preview.jpg and

    When contacting support, consider copying and pasting this information in your support request. It helps us troubleshoot more quickly.

    Server Settings

    Operating System : Linux (64 Bit)
    Server : Apache
    Memory usage : 13.92 MByte
    MYSQL Version : 10.2.12-MariaDB-log
    PHP Version : 7.1.27-1+0~20190307202204.14+stretch~1.gbp7163d5
    PHP Safe Mode : Off
    PHP Allow URL fopen : On
    PHP Memory Limit : 128
    PHP Max Upload Size : 32M
    PHP Max Post Size : 32M
    PCRE Backtracking Limit : 1000000
    PHP Max Script Execute Time : 30s
    PHP Exif support : Yes (V7.1.)
    PHP IPTC support : Yes
    PHP XML support : Yes

    Graphic Library

    GD Version : 2.2.5
    FreeType Support : Yes
    FreeType Linkage : with freetype
    GIF Read Support : Yes
    GIF Create Support : Yes
    JPEG Support : Yes
    PNG Support : Yes
    WBMP Support : Yes
    XPM Support : Yes
    XBM Support : Yes
    WebP Support : Yes
    JIS-mapped Japanese Font Support : No

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • This update was the second worst in WP history after Gutenberg…. Dear NextGen, please, update to previous versinon!

    I’m very sorry to hear about our recent update not working out for you, @uldis23. We would love to help you. Sometimes when WordPress, or other plugins are not also updated it can conflict with our plugin not working as intended. Also, outdated server settings could also potentially cause issues. Could you confirm for us that all plugins, and WordPress are up to date?

    One more thing to try. After everything is up to date, and if the issue persists, try deactivating all plugins and then reactivate NextGEN Gallery only. Does that help clear out the issue you were seeing? If so, it’s likely a conflict with another plugin causing the issue. Reactivate each of the other plugins one at a time to locate the conflicting plugin.

    There is an option to rollback if you wish to skip the troubleshooting. We have a help guide on rolling back to the previous version here: . I would urge you to take the time to troubleshoot, as it is best to keep your site all up to date.

    Thank you πŸ™‚
    – Becky

    It is not possible to create a 40 GB page backup … 2 years ago a similar problem was with PhotoGalery plugin, I switched to NextGen, over 2000 galleries and now again …. Why is it that you can’t make a normal update?

    Plugin Support mihai-imagely


    Hi @astrogeert,

    We’d like to take a closer look at the insert gallery problem that you have reported . We may need to temporarily deactivate plugins and switch the theme while troubleshooting. Would you feel OK with that? If so, please send us a bug report here: , refer back to this forum thread, and let them know Mihai referred you. πŸ™‚


    I just had the same problem after updating to the latest levels of NextGen Gallery and NextGen Pro. I deactivated, then reactivated both plugins and the problem resolved. Uldis23, you should give it a try.


    Thanks @bobwey1 , but nothing helps. I wanted to get some response from NextGEN for possible new updates because nothing is currently repairable and I will have to look for a new photo plugin

    Plugin Support mihai-imagely


    Hi everyone,

    we have not been able to reproduce locally, but have had a number of similar reports and are looking into it as soon as possible. In the mean time, please try disabling, deleting, and reinstalling NextGEN Gallery. You will not lose any galleries or data, but it will refresh the plugin files and should hopefully correct your issue

    We do apologize for the inconveniences,

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    I got brave and thought I’d try the update to WP 5.1.1. I once again got the error message about line 73 REQUEST_URI. This time nothing worked to make it go away and I couldn’t even get into the CP. I found this post which talked about putting ‘ ‘ around REQUEST_URI in line 73.
    Might not be the same error you’re getting, but seemed to fix it for now for me.


    Hi @astrogeert

    We were wondering if anything is working as expected in your end.

    There is a new NextGen release, and it’s already available; please run the update, re-test the site, and see if it works for you. If not, please let us know.

    – Gaby, Customer Support


    for information:

    I have exactly the same message:

    “get_static_abspath requires a path and module. Received \nextgen-gallery\products\photocrati_nextgen\modules\nextgen_basic_album\static\extended_preview.jpg and”

    Wordpress 5.1.1
    Nexgen 3.1.14

    I desactivate and reactivate (not deleted) , the problem is solved πŸ™‚

    best regards


    Hi @sergiodadi

    We have received this problem from numerous NextGen users and have reported it for our developers. In the meantime, the solution is just to deactivate NextGen Gallery plugin and activate it again.

    Sorry for the inconveniences and hope to see this one solved soon,

    – Gaby, Customer Support.

    Help, I am experiencing the same problem having updated NextGen Gallery and NextGen Plus. I have tried deactivating, deleting and reinstalling the plugins but still have problems. When I try to add a gallery on a page I get the following error messages. (I have replaced the initial directory path with “…”)

    Warning: Creating default object from empty value in
    …wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/attach_to_post/package.module.attach_to_post.php on line 800

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
    …/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/nextgen_gallery_display/module.nextgen_gallery_display.php on line 500

    Warning: Creating default object from empty value in
    …./wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/attach_to_post/package.module.attach_to_post.php on line 800

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
    …./wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/nextgen_gallery_display/module.nextgen_gallery_display.php on line 500

    I also cannot change any gallery settings (via the plugin menu). I have had to take my whole website offline until this is fixed. Please help.

    Having the exact same issues as everyone else. Can not add a new NGG. Get the following message “<strong)get_static_abspath requires a path and module. Received nextgen-gallery-plus/modules/nextgen_pro_albums/static/grid_preview.jpg and“

    Sorry for the typo, meant to say β€œget_static_abspath requires a path and module. Received nextgen-gallery-plus/modules/nextgen_pro_albums/static/grid_preview.jpg andβ€œ

    As suggested above in the thread, I deactivated NGG plugin and reactivated it, and I am now able to insert a NGG on the page…

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