After update I can´t add new plugins on my multisite blog (1 post)

  1. Marcus FTS
    Posted 5 years ago #


    I´ve been running a multisite blog on this infrastraucture:
    - Windows Server 2003 SP2
    - PHP Version 5.2.5
    - WordPress 3.2.1
    - ISAPI_Rewrite3

    Today I want to upload a new plugin, but I don´t have the possibility to click on add plugin, because this function isn´t here. But I´ve found a workaround for uploading plugins: Go to Tools => Import => search the plugins directory. In the past there´s a superadmin site and now I don´t find this again.

    I also run a normal (single site) blog at the same machine and at this blog I´m able to see the function "add plugins", so in my opinion it is definitly a multisite problem.

    Thanks in advance.


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