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  • After update all links are gone
    So I deactivated Links Manager plugin
    But links stay gone.
    And I cannot see any links option in my WordPress menu any more

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  • So it looks like it broke my wordpress installation, not only the links but the links option in the menu is gone

    After deleting links manager I did not get my links option back in my WordPress Dashboard.

    I think that it is troublesome that it changes something in the basic WordPress installation.

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    i have the same Problem. Version is ok. Version 6.1.1 by another Installation cannot see links on the Webpage. In Database all entries ok.

    Has nothing to do wit version. I deinstalled link manager, and have not the links option in my menu any more.
    After that I removed the link manager pluging, but that did not help.

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    Add one of Richweb’s customers to the growing list where the 6.x branch broke things.

    I ended up restoring Version; the links are now working again.

    Long story short, the 6.x branches are not outputting the links properly.

    Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    When you install Link Library 6.0, it deactivates the core WordPress Link Manager, since it not longer required to use Link Library. All links now reside in the Link Library menu.

    If you want to go back to the old Link Manager, install Link Manager plugin and delete Link Library. You will only have the functions of the old Link Manager in that case.

    What types of issues were you having seeing links in the new version?

    Thanks for responding so fast.

    In the new version I did not see any link.

    I deleted everthing, deinstalled it, and removed it totally.
    And now I do not have the link option in my WordPress dashboard menu any more.
    It did change the WordPress installation.
    And I do not see my links in the website any more.
    First I want just the normal link functions back in WordPress.

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    WordPress 4.7.10

    Before and after latest update my links have disappeared as well. When I create new ones they show in the library but not in the designated page

    That is something else.
    I cannot create new links. There is not an option any more.

    Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    When you say that you deleted everything, did you also go in the database and deleted things, or you only deleted the plugin?

    The first thing I can suggest is to try to re-install the old version of Link Library, from before all of the changes I made. You can download that here:

    You can either install it via FTP, or via the Add New plugin page in the admin.

    Once it is installed, you should see the Links section, and hopefully still have your links you created.

    Now, once you are back to a stable state, you can try to update to version 6.1.x. After the update, the Links menu should no longer appear in the backend, but there will be a new section in menu called Link Library. This is where your links should be.

    If you have duplicate links, you should go to the Global Options page and click on the Re-import links button.

    Once you see links in the Link Library section, if you don’t see links on the site, it is most likely due to the fact that you had put options like category IDs in the shortcode to display [link-library]. If you have category IDs in there, you will need to update these to match the new IDs after the migration to version 6 and above.

    Let me know how things go.

    After I saw the problem: no links I First I deactivated the link library plugin.
    Because I am used to seeing the normal state of wordpress after deactivation.
    And I have always understood that WordPress is set up in this way.
    That the plugins can not intervene deactivated anywhere in the basic system. And when deactivated, the standard situation should be activated again.

    But I did not get my links back, and that’s why I completely removed the plugin.
    I have not done anything with the database myself
    And do not even know how I should do that for this website

    I understand from your response that I can not get the WordPress links back?
    Only your via your plugin active?

    After re-install the old version, I can see my links and menu again.

    Sorry, but i thing that is not right. Plugins can not change your default installation of WordPres anyway.
    You just have to get back the standard installation when you deactivate a plugin.
    And now this is not so.

    I just want to keep my basic settings. So that I still have everything when you switch off the plugin.
    So that I can go back to the basics in case of problems. Or can work with another links plugin if I want to.

    But that is not possible?

    After re-install the old version I can see the links and menu again.
    update to version 6.1.x
    Then I did update to version 6.1.x,
    Now I see the menu option link library
    but all links have disappeared.

    I do not see links in my dashboard
    But I do see categories in my dashboard

    When I deactivate the plugin, the menu option to the links has also disappeared again

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    I deleted the plugin via FTP and reinstalled, version 6.1.2. Display: ‘No Links found’. The links are still in the database. Does something have to be changed on the shortcode?

    The output of the link list causes an error in the display. The sidebar is no longer to the right of the content, but below. So in source code, </ div> is too much or too little.

    When I deactivate link library plugin to see if I could have my basic links manager again. That was not the case.
    So I activated plugin link library plugin again, and now all links I saw the first time are gone.
    And they do not show on the website any more.

    This does not looks like a very stable plugin now.

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    Same here.

    I wanted to try out your link library plugin. Didn’t want to keep it, deactivated an deleted it. Now my WordPress links are gone, and so are the “Links”-menu and the “Links”-widget. Even re-Installing WordPress didn’t solve the problem.

    It is completely unacceptable that installing a plugin ruins the WordPress core installation. I want the standard WordPress function back!
    Please solve this issue!

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