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  • Resolved hallofabio


    Hello, i have a big problme after update 1.7.8,

    if a user unlock a rank with specific point-typ he reach all ranks with one unlock. normaly we have 7 ranks and the user can unlock one after the other… now after unlock rank levle 2 he gets alle ranks up to level 7… how to handle this?

    thanks and kind regards

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  • Plugin Author rubengc


    Hi @hallofabio

    First of all, you don’t need to require the previous rank in any way since it is an internal requirement that GamiPress automatically performs on ranks by default

    Please, let me know the following things:

    1) Is the first time the user earns this level?
    2) Have the user been downgrade on this rank type some time? (For example he was on Level 5 and you downgrade him to level 1)
    3) At the moment the user has tried to earn the rank, has him any of the requirements of the next rank earned? (commonly caused because user was on higher ranks and have been downgrade)
    4) Have you tested it with a newly created account? Error happens with this account?

    Best regards

    hi @rubengc ,

    thanks for your answer.

    the answer of your questions are.

    1: yes, it was the first time the users earn the level.
    2: yes, after the we saw that they unlock all ranks with only unlock one rank, we downgrade the rank in the gamipress backend.
    3: No, the user who unlock the rank, has reached no higher rank requiment.
    4: Yes, we tested it with a new registered user and hab the same issue.

    oure problem is, that we want to have rank lvl1 to be a requiment to unlock rank lvl2 and so on.. but if we add this kind of requiment, all ranks are unlocked after unlock rank lvl2 (lvl2, lvl3, lvl4, lvl5, lvl6 and lvl7).

    at the moment the issue is not there, becouse we do not use requiment. at the moment if users unlock lvl2, only lvl2 is unlocked. but if users have enough points to unlock lvl4, after unlock lvl2, he can unlock lvl4 without unlock lvl3…

    if we add the requiment, that lvl4 can only unlocked if, lvl3 is unlock and so on, the users get all lvls unlocked, after unlock lvl2 or lvl3 and so on… thats our problem…after add this requiment, we have this bug… and it doesnt matter if it is a old or a new registered user… we have the same bug on all profiles.

    thanks for all and kind regards

    Plugin Author rubengc


    Hi @hallofabio

    I just tested it, I have setup 10 ranks based on earn 100 points

    If I award 100 points, user unlocks 1 rank
    If I award 200 points, user unlocks 2 ranks
    If I award 500 points, user unlocks 5 ranks

    Everything seems to work as expected at the moment we release the fix of the last previous issue so there is no way to me to reproduce the error you got

    Included, I revoke to this user the ranks and requirements and perform the tests again and user got the number of ranks he should in each points award

    Check the following:
    1) Update all plugins and themes
    2) If after update everything issue continues, perform a theme and plugins conflict test to find which plugin is causing the issue (is explained here:

    Best regards

    Hi @rubengc ,

    thanks for you tests and answer. We have the issue after deactivate all other plugins too… maybe you can look on oure buddypress to reproduce the issue? i can give you a admin access… please tell me if you want look on it on oure buddypress.

    thank and kind regards

    Plugin Author rubengc


    Hi @hallofabio

    Sorry, commonly we don’t connect to others installs to investigate the issue, basically because if there is a problem on GamiPress we should be able to reproduce it, if we can’t reproduce it then it means that is something specific from your install, setup or included if you have added custom code

    You can try to perform the same setup on a test install on this service to check that everything works correctly:

    Best regards

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