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  • I’ve updated to 3.5, as have my clients.
    The list so far of issues (with all plugins disabled) is:
    widgets don’t work (dropdowns/widgets don’t work as they should re:drag and drop)
    can’t update posts – issues with blank screens and editors
    menus not expanding in the admin.
    Everything in the front end appears to work for now, though one client is also reporting that her ajax commenting system isn’t working. Doesn’t matter which theme is running, and twentytwelve isn’t working on either server. Switching to 2011, updating fresh (manually) with everything switched off and running 2011 makes no difference.
    Adding the debug line makes no difference.
    As one of the blogs is a bare wordpress install, I’m wondering what’s wrong with the update perhaps?
    Anyone else seeing this behaviour?

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    lcerura: We track problems around here by threads. Therefore it is very important for you to start your own thread for your problems instead of piggy-backing upon other people’s problems. If you’re going to post in somebody else’s thread, then it should be helpful and relevant to the thread. A “me too” sort of response is not helpful.

    If you have a specific problem, start your own thread as requested. Please stop posting critical responses in other people’s threads.

    esmi – the one site that I’m now roadtesting the fixes on – and did every single instruction you gave me was a clean install from the beginning of the week. I didn’t need any plugins for the theme, so I didn’t activate any. I was about to add my image stuff that I love to use today, because the theme is gorgeous – but switching to twenty-eleven made no difference, twenty-twelve resulted in a blank page.
    There’s three posts there – no special stuff in any of the posts, at all. I’m really at a loss to explain it, but the javascript error I listed is SPECIFICALLY to do with the menus and widgets.
    The menus aren’t popping out when I hover down the list in the dashboard either.

    Anyway, rolling back now – I’ll keep an eye on it.


    I’m having same issues as Kaiberie. Can’t toggle menus. Can’t add media (nothing happens when button is depressed). And my collapsible sidebar widgits are messed up – they are all showing as expanded. Is this a java issue?
    How do i roll back to former version?

    As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic. Your problem – despite any similarity in symptoms – is likely to be completely different.

    I had similar problems to yours, I did a test with my localhost install, and it had no problems so I checked out my .htaccess files and took out some stuff from that. Bulletproof Security had put in there.

    Now there are no problems,

    hope this helps

    Kaiberie. Same issues here on multiple client sites. A work-around “for widgets” may be to enable accessibility mode in screen options. At least until a resolution or the issue is announced. hope this helps.

    I also experience many compatibility problems with 3.5

    1. Implemented dropdown menu’s stopped working.
    2. Nextgen Gallery Voting stopped working (ability to rate images).
    3. And some other functions stopped working.
    4. The prepare() function needs a second parameter. So databse queries of some plugins stopped working.

    I understand that WordPress should be more stable with this update, but this is quite a big step… I understand from many users that a lot work needs te be put in to make everything work again. For some plugins the only solution is to disable it and wait for an update. Not so nice.

    So I am going to roll back to previous version, untill the plugins are made compatible with 3.5

    For those having issues with 3.5 update. Here is a temp fix. This is what I did and it works great! Simply downgrade back to previous version until they can get the bugs sorted out. Make sure to follow the instructions.



    Thank you,It was really helpful to the developers.



    I’m having the same problem with 3.5.1 — none of the D&D controls or drop downs in the Widgets panel respond. I’ve tried deactivating plugins, switching themes, etc.

    I’ll try a downgrade. Can I suggest you do better testing before your next release?



    @rvbinder – as noted above, please start your own thread if you need help.

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